Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Secret's in the Sauce

Boo loves to write. Stories, poems, playlists (or lists of any kind, really), scripts from Phineas and Ferb or Hannah Montana ... he's a jack of all literary trades. He generates these scribblings in great quantities, so we're constantly finding these tidbits throughout the house, in the cars, my purse, etc.

Now he's added recipes to the mix, as evidenced by the directions for this concoction that I found while cleaning up the family room. (See, Mom, I do occasionally straighten up 'round here. :)

Smiley Fri's Recipe for Mac and Cheese (Smiley Fri would be a character in a TV show he has made up, so this appears to be a proprietary dish.)

Here's what you need:

2 cups of cream yellow cheese
2 cups of hot macaroni cream butter
1/2 cup of bones
1/2 cup of meat
1/2 cup of vegies
1/2 cup of cold peas

I guess this low-cholesterol dish cooks by itself, because Boo doesn't provide any further instructions.

I'm intrigued by the addition of the bones. Maybe that's the secret ingredient I need to add to my culinary repertoire to get my kids to try more things.

Bon appetit!

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