Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best of the Week - August 16-23, 2009

I'm spending some time getting acquainted with Mrs. Douglas and acclimating her to our home today (as well as getting ready for the kids' first day of school tomorrow!). While I'm otherwise engaged, here are some links of great stuff from around the blogosphere this week.

Reading Rumpus has a great list of books to help elementary school kids get back into the school spirit as well as a list of books for preschoolers embarking on their very first First Day of School. (These were actually posted back on the 14th, but I am forever trying to get caught up with Google Reader - plus, it's still timely.)

How popular was this Grand Opening of the newly-renovated Kirkwood branch of the New Castle Co. (Del.) library system? So popular that 3,000 people stopped by on its new first day (300 of them in the first 15 minutes!) The design of the new building has been controversial (mainly because of the aesthetics not appealing to everyone) but the popularity of the library proves that you really can't judge a book by its cover.

Amplify Our Voices writes an open letter to Miley Cyrus in response to the outcry following her recent performance on the Teen Choice Awards. I admit I am one of those parents who wants the performers my daughter looks up to and tries to emulate to be the squeakiest of squeaky clean. This open letter is thought-provoking.

Speaking of letters, I just love (and celebrate) the fact that these two women, Sue Parr and Sheila Rollins, have been pen-pals for 60 years. It's a great story of a friendship spanning decades and the distance of an ocean.

My friend Robin, who writes the exquisite blog,, had a lovely post this week about how children like kites and how much they are like kites. The photo of her daughter is worth the visit over to one of my favorite blogs, which I am so glad is back from its hiatus. Expect more Best Of posts from this one in the future.

A glimpse into the Bob Novak as he was off the screen, as told by wowOwow (Women on the Web) writer Julia Reed, who met the journalist when she was eight years old and remained friends until his death, this past Monday. (Regardless of your politics and views on Novak, this is a great read.)

I'm not sure if this concept would work for everyone, but the thought of developing your next job (as opposed to hunting for it) as posted on is an interesting one.

Today's edition of The New York Times Magazine focuses on Empowering, Funding, and Educating Women. (I haven't read this yet, but I plan to.) Britt Bravo's blog, Have Fun, Do Good, is aa new addition to my Google Reader, and I'm grateful to her for mentioning this issue of the NYT Magazine.

Enjoy your week, everyone!

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