Monday, August 31, 2009

I've Been Searching .... (Search Terms)

It's been awhile since I re-capped some of the search terms that have brought people here, and let's just say ... there's no need for Wikipedia when you've got yours truly and The Betty and Boo Chronicles.

Yowza. I will never cease to be amazed at how people find this blog.

I mean, some of the search terms that surfaced make perfect sense. You're primarily searching for authors and books, so yeah ... that's logical that you would land somewhere in this quagmire of posts. (Quagmire must be my favorite word this week, as I think I've used it about three times in the last 24 hours.)

Two of you were searching for "Daniel Rubin," the Inquirer reporter who wrote a column I mentioned in my Best of the Week post about how colleges' commencement speaker selections is not about the students.

You have also been looking for "T. Ryder Smith," "Andrew Sean Greer," "Billy Collins," and "sky magic Stawarski," (I have a theory that in the latter, you might be the author. Am I right? If so, hope you liked the review!)

You also get specific with your literary quests, landing here while looking for "book review of the book HALLOWEEN TREATS by Carolyn Haywood," (which I've never done, although I have written about the children's author Carolyn Haywood and her influence on me), "mickey in the night kitchen," and "chad taylor novelist twitter."

You're also a hungry bunch. You've been looking for "portobello mushroom burgers," "crock pot black eyed pea soup," "shepards pie," and "hash browns." (If you're whipping up one of these concoctions, can you make a little extra so I don't have to make dinner tonight?)

It's kind of a no-brainer that searching for this blog's title will bring you here (at least, I hope so) but what's funny is the variations that show up. A sampling: "Chronicles of Betty and Boo," "bettyboochronicles," "Betty and Boo's mom blog," and "Betty and Boo Chronicles."

Some others: you've arrived here after searching for "best holiday in December," "boos picher," "class president poems," and "Valley Swim Club in Huntingdon Valley lawsuit."

And finally, these last two have me in hysterics.



"eating fb, breathing fb ... living just like fb." (Hmmm ... should I take that one as a subtle hint that I'm on Facebook a little too often?)

Regardless of how you arrived here, I'm grateful that you did. Enjoy your stay!

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