Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW: 101 of My Favorite Book Blogs

I subscribe to 445 blogs.

No typo there, folks. Four hundred and forty five blogs. (And I wonder why my Google Reader never budges from 1000+.)

There are all kinds of blogs in my reader - mommy and parenting blogs, autism blogs, blogs by people I know in real life, blogs about social media, political punditry blogs, writers' and writing blogs, decluttering-your-life blogs, and oh yeah ... a book blog or two.

Make that a book blog or 102.

I know the purpose of this post was for us to highlight some of our favorite book blogs that didn't make the BBAW awards shortlist, but I can't choose just some of them. I started to do that, and then I felt bad leaving someone off the list. And what if that person mentioned me, and I didn't? I would be mortified.

So I decided this had to be an all or nothing sort of post. Which is why on this first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I'm giving a shout-out to every single book blog that I subscribe to.

Admittedly, I don't read every single post from every one of those 101 blogs. Some are among my must-reads of the day, others I skim, and others are brand new to me. But make no mistake about it, I think each one of these bloggers brings something of value and interest to the book blogosphere, and I certainly appreciate each and every one of them. I also subscribe to most of the blogs on the BBAW short-lists, in addition to these 101.

So, without further ado, I gladly present the book blogs in my Google Reader (with apologies for the crappy formatting and my alphabetical mistakes ... my eyes are glazing over here, and my family has suggested that they might like dinner at some point).

1. A Comfy Chair and a Good Book

2. A Garden Carried in the Pocket

3. A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore

4. A High and Hidden Place

5. a lovely shore breeze

6. Alexia's Books and Such

7. Allegro

8. Amy Reads Good Books

9. At Home with Books

10. Bags, Books & Bon Jovi (admit it, doesn't that name just make you smile?)

11. Bailey's and Books

12. Bending Bookshelf

13. Bloggin' Bout Books (should get an award for best subject lines! I love Susan's creative subject lines ... and the rest of her wonderful blog.)

14. Blue Archipelago

15. Bold. Blue. Adventure

16. Book Aunt

17. Book a Week with Jen (Jen)

18. Book Chatter and Other Stuff

19. Book Crumbs

20. Book Dragon - a brand new blog to me, and that's because Book Dragon is my BBAW interview partner! I can't wait to introduce you to my new friend in tomorrow's post.

21. Book Gazing

22. Book Nut

23. Bookfoolery and Babble

24. Bookgirl's Nightstand - Iliana's blog was among the first blogs I discovered, and she has been among my favorites ever since. In addition to the book talk found there, I love her descriptions of her book journals and the process of making them.

25. Bookish Ruth (Ruth - PA)

26. Booklights

27. Bookmama's World

28. Books and Cooks

29. Books for Breakfast - Book Reviews With a Twist

30. Books for Kids Blog

31. Books 'N Border Collies

32. Books on the Brain

33. Bookstack - also among one of the very first book blogs I started reading

34. Breaking the Spine

35. Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile

36. Cindy's Love Of Books (Cindy) I met Cindy through the BEA TwittyParty, and her blog has been one that I've read regularly ever since.

37. Desperado Penguin

38. Devourer of Books

39. Diary of an Eccentric

40. Dog Ear Diary

41. everything distils into reading (Gautami)

42. Farm Lane Books Blog

43. Finding Wonderland: The Writing YA Weblog

44. Fyrefly's Book Blog

45. GottaBook

46. Great Penformances

47. HipWriterMama

48. Hope's Bookshelf

49. I'm Booking It

50. In Bed with Books

51. In the Shadow of Mt. TBR

52. John Green's Weblog

53. Joyfully Retired

54. Lakeside Musing (JoAnn) JoAnn and I share similar literary tastes, are mothers of twins (although hers are driving and mine are often driving me crazy) and have some geography in common. Even without all of that, Lakeside Musing would still be one of my favorite blogs. I could stare at that photo of the lake forever. Stop over and visit JoAnn on the lake and tell me if I'm not right.

55. Lattes and Life

56. Letters on Pages

57. Librarian-ism-ish

58. Lily Koppel's Blog

59. Linus's Blanket

60. Lost in Books (Rebecca)

61. Medieval Bookworm

62. Melanie's Musings

63. Melissa's Bookshelf (Melissa)

64. Melissa Wiley (In the Bonny Glen)

65. Melody's Reading Corner

66. Mrs. F-B's Book Blog

67. Must Read Faster

68. My Own Little Corner of the World

69. nothing of importance (my everyday blog)

70. On My Bookshelf

71. One Person's Journey Through Books - Sheila is the founder of Word Verification Balderdash, which occurs on Thursdays and is so much fun.

72. Page After Page

73. Paper Cuts (NY Times)

74. Poetry Blog of 32 Poems Magazine

75. Read Street (Baltimore Sun)

76. Readergirlz

77. Reading Rumpus

78. Reading Through The Night

79. Redlady's Reading Room

80. Shelf Space

81. SmallWorld Reads

82. SMS Book Reviews

83. Stacy's Bookblog

84. Stella Matutina

85. Table Talk

86. Teaching Authors

87. Teaching Will: The Shakespeare Club

88. That's a Novel Idea
I "met" Ali a few months ago during My Friend Amy's live chat with Beth Kephart, and have loved her blog since. She's brand new to the book blogging world, having only been blogging since June.

89. The 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness - Florinda's was one of the first blogs I discovered and one of the first commenters on mine, and for that (and more) I will be forever grateful. Florinda was also among those who did so much behind-the-scenes work on BBAW, so she has my appreciation for that, too. Plus, she is the person who clued me in to what a #hashtag on Twitter means.

90. The Biblio Blogzine

91. The Bluestocking Society

92. The Book Lady's Blog

93. The Compulsive Reader

94. The Literate Housewife Review

95. The Queen's New Throne

96. The Well-Read Child

97. This Girl's Ever Expanding Library

98. Virtual Wordsmith

99. Whimpulsive

100. worducopia

aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddd ....

101. Word Lily !

I celebrate all of you!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to discover Number 102 ....


JoAnn said...

Thank you so much, Melissa! I'm still working on my post for today (nothing like saving it for the last minute), but it's waaay tooo looong.

As for the kids, it's a progression - from driving me crazy to just driving. It really has gotten easier and I enjoy them more and more as they get older. Twin A recently signed up for her road test. Twin B may need another year (or more!) of practice.

Chris said...

Whew! That's a lot of blogs. I'll have to give the ones I don't know a look.

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

JoAnn - oh, you're quite welcome! You're one of my most frequent commenters so besides loving your blog, I love hearing from you here too. :) I'm with you on things getting easier and enjoying them more as they get older.

Chris - the more the merrier, right? :) One can never have too many book blogs IMHO (although there may be some who say I do.)

Cindy said...

OMG thank you so much for mentioning me. I always check out your blog too.

I will be adding you to my list of blogs to check out for BBAW.

One day we will have to get a twitter and talk again.

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

Cindy - my pleasure! I always read your blog too (and actually, I should have mentioned both of them! :) Happy BBAW!

Alipet813 said...

Well, thank you very much! I am so happy that you enjoy my blog, because I love yours too

I also recognized you on my book blog post. Stop by and check yourself out!

bermudaonion said...

Now I wish I had included my whole reader! It was fun looking through your list.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Wow! I'm going to have to spend a lot of time with this list later. I have a lot of blogs in my google reader too, but you put me to shame. I just deleted a bunch that I wasn't enjoying, to make room for more BBAW finds, so this is very useful for me. Thanks for including us. :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

Oh Wow, that is some list! I don't think I've been to your blog before but I'm planning to stick around awhile and browse. :) Sent here by Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile.

Florinda said...

Thank you so much for the special mention (and as you already know, your blog is on my personal shortlist)! I have to go and check out a few of your new-to-me recommendations.

I love finding other people whose Reader subscription numbers are as out-of-control as mine are :-).

Lisa said...

That is a LOT of blogs! I am subscribed to a few more (537), but quite a few of those are defunct. It is a constant battle to keep the Reader numbers down.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

"a book blog or two ... or 102" LOL!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Melissa! I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog :-) I enjoy yours, too!

Amy said...

Wow! Good for you for listing them all!

Priya said...

Thanks for subscribing to my blog! :) I subscribe to yours too and I always love reading all your posts.

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Wow - thanks so much for the mention! Happy BBAW to you!

The Biblio Brat said...

Holy Moly, I know making up this post was an effort and I just had to tell you it is greatly appreciated!

Thank you. I think. Oy, my poor reader.

Vivian said...

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like visiting my blog, as I do yours. Your photo for the header is awesome. Love your story behind it.

Diane said...

Just discovered your blog today through BBAW activities. It's really terrific. Have fun blogging; i'll be back!

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

Glad you all liked this post, everyone! It was fun. Time-consuming, yes, but nothing in comparison to what others have already done to make BBAW such a fun week already. I really could not identify just a handful of blogs, so thank you for allowing me to indulge you with the contents of my Google Reader.

And welcome to the new visitors, and thank you all for the kind words!

Heather said...

visiting via BBAW. Love your list of fav book blogs.