Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW: Ode to the TBR Pile

This would be the BBAW post where I humilate and embarrass myself.

The latest blogging assignment from the BBAW folks is to take a photo of your TBR pile.

Let me say upfront that I'm only doing this because I love all of you. (And I want to see yours. Hey, it's only fair. :)

This here is my TBR on my night table. (Is it nighttable or night table?) Mind you, it's just my library books. (With the exception of two of them.) This doesn't take into consideration the 225 books that are on the bookshelves in the library. Or the several books in my car. Or the one in my purse. Or my audiobooks.

While I am humiliating myself, I might as well go all out and show you each of the four piles, in the order that they were taken out/are due back and hence, are intended to be read. And in the spirit of the fun that is BBAW, I'll try and do this in verse. Ahem. (A poet I am not.)

Now I lay me down to sleep
But, oh, look at all these books I keep
Checking out of the library every week
Yes, this TBR pile ain't for the meek.

There's something for everyone, I've got it all here
Julia Glass' I See You Everywhere
If I want short stories, I'm all set
(And oh, there's The Woman Who Can't Forget!)
Short stories, yes, they do abound
Pen/O. Henry Awards and the New Yorker's Wonderful Town
And Oates' Dear Husband (look, mine's starting to frown)

Maybe I should be listening to When Ghosts Speak
And Dreams from My Father
By Barack Obama, who I'd love to meet.
Do I really need a book to tell me that Heaven is Real?
Here's another TBR pile ... keep your eyes peeled!

Now here's where I went on a YA binge
(Though An Egg on Three Sticks kinda makes me cringe)
Do You Hear Me, Mr. Lincoln? Remember This
If I wind up Making It All Work, 'twould be quite bliss
Or I could Make Lemonade, remember The Summer Guest
Reading An Abundance of Katherines
Is it time for a rest?

Is this The Life You Longed For
Or the Time of My Life
(A Mercy says the husband
These books are consuming my wife! )
Pretty soon I'll catch up with Falling Man
And I'd imagine The Confessions of Max Tivoli will be quite grand.

Oh, wait, I've got more! Here's pile three!
A Mad Desire to Dance

with The Laws of Harmony!

There's The Sweet In-Between
and The Song Is You
Forces for Good
(did I bite off more than I can chew?)
I couldn't resist Paper Towns
or A Gate at the Stairs
Will I get to all of these books
Will someone bet me or dare?

And these are the books
I got on Saturday
Do Not Deny Me
Is that what my books say?
Or is this Anything But Typical
When the Labels Don't Fit
I'm a book lover, it's true
This I'll freely admit

There's just a few more now
We're winding down the pile
We've been here a thousand years
Yes, these books might take me awhile
Willow, it's the Street Gang:
The History of Sesame Street
The Soloist and oh, this one
It sounds especially neat

Because I Am Furniture
Look, it's written in verse
Gee, my TBR pile is embarrassing
Please tell me ... does yours look worse?


Book Dragon said...

Bravo! Bravo!
My library will let me place a hold on my holds {snicker} so I stagger my check outs. Didn't work too well this time, I've got EIGHT waiting for me to come pick up at TWO different libraries.

As far as pictures.... nope, haven't done it but maybe if I can find the camera and my son gets off the other computer....

Gershwoman said...

Even though you are up half the night, I don't understand how you work full time, have a family, keep up with 100+ blogs, AND read all those books!

My sister knows Toni Morrison.

bermudaonion said...

Wow! I don't know if our library will let us check that many books out at one time!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That is a heck of a lot of library books. You must be a fast reader!

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

Book Dragon - Love your system! Can't wait to see those photos. :)

Gershwoman - Really?! That is very cool about your sister knowing Toni Morrison! I don't keep up with all the blogs, sadly ... and even more sadly, some of the books will likely go back unread. :( (Also - if you're seeing this, how is the GershGirl's broken arm?)

Bermudaonion - We're allowed to have 99 books out per card. Some of these are checked out on my daughter's, I must admit.

reviewsbylola - Hi there, and welcome! I had to laugh ... I'm so far removed from a fast reader. Just an addicted one.

Thanks, all ...

Always Home and Uncool said...

Impressive. Some days, I have trouble getting through Entertainment Weekly.

Amy said...

You have so many great books in that pile! I totally want to read Lorrie Moore's new book! I am amazed at how many library books you have only because my library puts a limit of 12 at a time that you can take out. Once you return at least half of that 12 you can take out more...now that I think about it, that # starts to add up to a sizeable pile pretty quick too!

I wish I could take a pic of my TBR pile but my digital camera oh so conveniently chose to "develop issues" Sunday afternoon. Grrr! I'm hoping to have it back tomorrow.
But if it nakes you feel any better, I'll admit that my TBR pile is almost as tall as me...I'm very short, but still... LOL

Happy reading!
~ Amy

Mike said...

Damn, and I thought my wife read a lot. Way to make use of your public library. Your probably the one making sure they stay in business...

Anonymous said...

The Lorrie Moore is great. Some of her sentences make me want to weep with joy crossed with jealousy.

Book Dragon said...

I did pictures but can't find the BBAW assignment grrrr I'll figure out my post later - I'm falling asleep

Serena said...

Great piles. You should see mine.

Just Mom said...

That's a huge stack! The librarians must know you on sight!

Lisa said...

That is so awesome. I recently posed a picture of my TBR (a few Sunday Salons ago) but mine was just the ones I own. I only have a dozen or so library books out right now.

Dani in NC said...

Wow. I used to check out huge stacks of books, but then I felt guilty sending so many books back unread. Also, I do the checking-out for the entire family, so I have to pepper my list with requests from each of the four kids. On an average week, I may check out two books for myself and then eight books for the kids.