Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Let the Celebrating of Books Begin!

"Are you still reading through those book blogs for those awards?" my husband asked, last night around 9:30.

I nodded, and he gave me that half-smile that I've come to know so well over the past 19 years - that you're crazy for doing this but this is part of your charm and why I love you anyway type of look/smile.

Let me tell you ... as someone participating in their first BBAW, I have a whole new 'preciation for the panelists after going through the nominees. (Not that I didn't have such an appreciation before. Let's be clear on that.)

Since Monday, there has not been one night this week that I have gone to bed before 12:30 a.m. because of reading through the blogs nominated for the awards. I really tried to give this the consideration and seriousness (is that a word?) it deserved. Still, I know that my time input is nowhere near the number of hours that the panelists dedicated (on a volunteer basis, mind you) to this project. From reading many of the blogs about the process (and this post of Amy's) it was much more involved and on such a large scale with the number of panelists than I ever realized. This is a huge event - from the number of blogs participating (over 1,000 and who knows, maybe more) to the time commitment involved.

So, allow me to use this Sunday's Salon post as a thank you - to My Friend Amy, to the panelists, to everyone involved in putting this whole party together. I think we're in for a fun week of exploding Google Readers as we discover new blogs and celebrate all things books ... and that's the spirit of what this is all about, isn't it?

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