Friday, October 16, 2009

Best of the (Last Two) Weeks

Some of the most interesting, intriguing, head-scratching, amusing, thoughtful or otherwise just plain cool posts that I've read recently:

From The Daily Beast, a brilliant piece by Lee Siegel on Why We Watched Balloon Boy.

(A sampling: "For it wasn’t just a helpless kid and all of our helplessness in the face of his plight. It was the fact that despite all of our miraculous technology, which seems to put us more and more in control of our lives every day, we cannot control what happens to our children. On some level, what certain people call fate, they are all in a balloon, beyond our reach. Perhaps somewhere in all our terror, as we powerlessly watched the balloon rise in the sky, there was relief that the child was not being hurt by genes, or by a virus, or by other people. Relief that there was hope so long as he could hang on until help came.")

From Mom-101, a note to the Balloon Boy family that begins Dear Balloon Boy Family, You F ------ Suck

Right after I reviewed Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns, I came across this post "Henna by Meena" on the Afghan Women's Writing Project blog. Really puts the issues that Hosseini's book discusses in a much more different perspective.

Be Woodstock, Not Snoopy, says Sandy from Strangling My Muse. (This was a post I really needed to see this week ... not necessarily in regards to writing, but with work.)

As if we aren't already documenting every aspect of our lives online, now Mashable tells us there's a site that allows you to plot your lovemaking on ... um, an interactive map. (Now that's putting the social in social media!)

Great analysis and commentary from Clark Kent's Lunchbox (I just love the name of that blog) about Don Draper's Daddy Issues . (Disclaimer: do not read this if you are not caught up on every episode of Mad Men!)



rhapsodyinbooks said...

That mashup site seems kind of gross to me, but I bet there are plenty of people out there who will have fun using it!

Nice collection of posts!

Book Dragon said...

loved the Snoopy/Woodstock post, thanks for the link

Thanks for the comments! I excited to see you joined the Dewey 24 hour challenge. I did too, I stop by and see you.

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

rhapsody ~ thanks! I know, I can imagine that the site that Mashable mentioned is quite popular with some. Imagine the advertising possibilities ....

Book Dragon ~ glad you liked that one, too! And am looking forward to the Read-a-thon ... wish it was today, though (pouring rain here).

Belle said...

Thanks for the Snoopy/Woodstock cool/creative link - and now I have a new writing blog to add to my feedreader. And the idea of an interactive map featuring one's lovemaking ...! Very interesting!

Sandy Ackers said...

Thanks for including me in your roundup, Melissa! And I'm glad you liked the Snoopy/Woodstock post, Book Dragon and Belle.