Friday, October 2, 2009

'Don't Ever Trust a Ladie with a Rose' and More Advice on Love (Courtesy of Boo)

(Photo taken by me in June 2009.
This rose was in the sympathy bouquet of flowers that my coworkers
gave me when my grandfather died.)

This is still in the planning stages, but since it's just you and me here, I'll let you in on a surprise that Boo has planned for my readers.

He's asked to do a guest post of sorts, a book review of the children's book Who Was Louis Armstrong? (He is beyond obsessed with all things jazz and swing music lately.) Of course, I said of course. The review is still in progress, but I caught a glimpse at part of Boo's first draft with a little, um ... unsolicited relationship advice.

I believe that people can get married in any age except 1-3 or 4 or 5.

Don't ever trust a ladie with a rose.

If you like a girl and she hates you back just give it like 5 or 6 days to relax and on the 7th day you'll be happily ever maybe 8th or 9th, 10th I don't know make it 7th.
Marriage at the ripe old age of 6?

Don't ever trust a ladie with a rose?

Now if those teasers don't make you want to read Boo's review of Who Was Louis Armstrong?, then nothing will.

Where in the world do they get this stuff?


Belle said...

I will definitely be watching this space for the review! "Don't ever trust a ladie with a rose" - that's not just a teaser, that's a complete hook, line and sinker!

Infant Bibliophile said...

Can't wait for the post. That's hilarious! Hope my son is ready to take over part of my blog with commentary like that someday.