Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Move Along Now, Folks. Nothing to See Here.

This one's for our good friends over at the FTC, also known as the Federal Trade Commission.

Just in case you were wondering, folks, I got nothin'.

You see, I'm kind of the Misfit Toy of bloggers. Whereas other bloggers are turning freebies and advance review copies of books away in droves, you can rest assured knowing we don't have that problem here at The Betty and Boo Chronicles.

Nope. No free stuff here. Why has the temptation been so easy to resist, you inquire?

Well ... that's kind of ... um ... well, because no one has ever asked.

Right. No publisher or author has ever offered me a review copy of anything. Neither my UPS guy nor the postwoman knows my name. I don't have Fortune 500 companies (are there any such things anymore in this economy?) lining up to influence me and woo my 109 subscribers by sponsoring my potential participation in BlogHer '10 or anything else.

The closest I've come is winning a book here and there via a giveaway. I think I can count the number of books I've won on one hand - and just one of those managed to be read by me and garner itself a review (and not a real favorable one, I'm sorry to say.)

So, we don't have a problem here with the new FTC ruling that states, in part:
"The Federal Trade Commission on Monday took steps to make product information and online reviews more accurate for consumers, regulating blogging for the first time and mandating that testimonials reflect typical results.

The FTC will require that writers on the Web clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products...

For bloggers, the FTC stopped short of specifying how they must disclose conflicts of interest. Rich Cleland, assistant director of the FTC's advertising practices division, said the disclosure must be "clear and conspicuous," no matter what form it will take..."
Approximately 99.9% of the books I read and review come from the library. (I have the overdue fines to prove it.) 100% of the ingredients in the recipes I post and that my kids don't eat are purchased at Giant or Wal-Mart with the cold hard cash that I commute 20 hours a week to earn. Believe me, when someone does offer me an ARC or a free product I can actually use, you'll know. I'll be shouting it from the rooftops that some corporate Grand Poohbah noticed little ol' me.

So, nothing to see here, FTC folks.

The only conflicts of interest here are between Betty and Boo, and usually involve whose turn it is on the computer, which radio station we'll be listening to in the car, or whose turn it is to get a bath first.

Take it from me: those conflicts of interest are definitely something to scream about.


Florinda said...

I was blogging for almost a year before I got offered my first review copy. It's exciting for awhile, but even though I never got deluged with offers like some folks do (and rarely for anything other than books), I've cut back on accepting them. Given the current climate, I may have to think very carefully about resuming it.

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

I agree, Florinda ... it doesn't seem like the best road to head down with all the brou-haha.

Trisha said...

Ditto to everything you've said! I've never been asked and I don't pursue ARC's or any other kind of requested review, so no changes for Trisha.

Lisa said...

In 3 years I've gotten maybe 8 or 10 ARCs. None recently. I have won a couple of giveaways, but that's not really in questions, I don't think. I don't get what the big deal is, just say where the book came from and be done. Or if it worries you, DON'T ACCEPT THEM.

Though, if someone offers me a free appliance or car or something, I'll be ALL OVER IT. Samsung? are you listening? I need a new microwave...

Anonymous said...

Blogging for over a year. Only one ARC.

Come get me, FTC.