Monday, October 12, 2009

Stop the Presses, It's a Review Copy!

Less than a mere week ago, I was confessing my soul's sorrow to you about how I've never been offered a review copy of anything.

Guess my sarcastic snivelling got the attention of someone other than the FTC. Make that three someones, because just like that, there's 1-2-3 emails in a row about review books.

Snark, and ye shall receive.

The first is one that I am very much looking forward to reading and didn't know had been published. Books two and three don't hold much appeal for me personally, so they've been declined. They'll find their audience, I'm sure.

Just like me.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the snark and you shall receive comment.


Amy said...

YAY! You get to review a book. I hope its a good one. I sm a mother to an Aspergers kid too!

Trisha said...

Congrats! I hope all three are wonderful reads.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Congratulations on getting review copies! Actually I hate getting them in a way, because of the time pressure most of all! It's a function of having too many good books in the To Be Read pile!