Saturday, December 19, 2009


"Anticipation is making me wait...."
"Anticipation" ~ Carly Simon

We are awaiting, anticipating the first major snowstorm of the season. (Nope ... just checked the midnight sky. Still all clear, nary a flake in sight.)

I am not a fan of snow and its penchant for ruining plans, yet I find myself giddy with excitement over this nor'easter blowing in and the inches of baggage that it will bring along.

For this has been a season filled with a few weeks of stress on several storm fronts. Nothing unmanageable, nothing earth-shattering or changing, just mostly the stuff that life is made of coupled with the most busy-ful time of the year. My cards aren't done, my shopping isn't finished, my house is a mess.

And yet. The snow will freeze us in our tracks tomorrow, and bring with it a day different from most others. A day that doesn't involve going anywhere, a day of doing nothing, of resting and shaking the blecks out of my system. Of reading and writing, of baking, of cooking soup for dinner. A mandated slow down, a furlough to take stock of the season.

I have been wanting and needing to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" this season, as is tradition for The Dean and me.

Tomorrow, I anticipate getting that chance.


Book Dragon said...

cards? dang, knew I forgot something!

stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Same here. very much looking forward to the day slowing to a stop, the snow piling up outside and the warm glow inside.

Cavalier92 said...

We tried to get out to have breakfast with Santa, but had to abort. Car travel was too hazardous. Enjoy the day!