Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We All Shine On

Over at his blog this week, The Dean has been doing a series of posts (including transcripts) about the last interview with John Lennon, which occurred on the ill-fated day of December 8, 1980.

A new decade is upon us now, just as it was then. There's the sense of survival and of going into an unknown future, just as it was then. And as John makes clear in this poignant quote, there was then - as it is now - all the hopes and dreams within the fragility of life.

"‘How are you? How’s your relationship goin’? Did you get through it all? Wasn’t the seventies a drag, you know? Here we are, well let’s try to make the eighties good, you know?’ ‘Cause it’s still up to us to make what we can of it. It’s not out of our control. I still believe in love, peace; I still believe in positive thinking – when I can do it. I’m not always positive, but when I am, I try to project it .... Because we survived! That’s the thing. You have to give thanks to God, or whatever it is up there, the fact that we all survived. We all survived Vietnam, or Watergate, or the tremendous upheaval of the whole world that’s changed...we...we were the hip ones in the sixties, but the world is not like the sixties. The whole map’s changed. And we’re goin’ into an unknown future, but we’re still all here. We still...while there’s life there’s hope ....”

"I always considered my work one piece, whether it be with Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Yoko Ono...and I consider that my work won’t be finished until I’m dead and buried, and I hope that’s a long, long time. "

John Lennon ~ December 8, 1980

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Anonymous said...

It's a little more than 30 hours from 2010 -- as I write this -- so let me jump the gun and wish y'all a Happy New Year! And good luck with the reading challenge; I'll watch from the sidelines :)