Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bloggiesta Update 2: Numero Dos

I'd say I'm about six hours into this now, longer if you count the writing of today's blog post ("Infertility and Girl Scout Cookies"). Much to The Dean's dismay, grocery shopping has yet to happen but at least I'm being very productive on the blog front. Not like we're in danger of starving - dinner is in the crockpot.

I've accomplished a few things from my original Bloggiesta list and a few additional to-do's.

1. Deal with my blogroll. You all know how the blogroll conundrum worked out. (This post, my first Bloggiesta update, has the scoop.) The blogroll is history ... almost. There are a few lingering ones on the sidebar that I still need to make sure are in Google Reader.

2. Since I'm participating in 12 reading challenges, I want to set up some challenge posts to keep track of the books I'll hopefully have read to complete them. DONE!

7. Add Challenges to sidebar, with their buttons. DONE!

8. Clean up tags. They're not too bad, but I've also just discovered that Blogger offers the "cloud" option, so I tried that and like it much better.

That's it for the original to-do's. I've also:
  • Added a footer to the end of each post (the copyright thing).
  • Backed up my blog, thanks to the Mini-Challenge over at Farm Lane Books who has a great, very simple post on how to do this. I always thought it was much harder than it really was.
Catch you later ... hope everyone is having a great Bloggiesta!

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Hi Melissa,
I have an award for you today