Friday, January 8, 2010

Bloggiesta Update Uno

You gotta love Bloggiesta for its ability to reveal to you things about your blogging habits that you really didn't know ... and, maybe didn't want to know.

Allow me to explain.

My main project during this Bloggiesta was, as I said here, to clean up the blogroll. I wanted to keep it because I've found so many wonderful blogs through others' blogrolls, especially right in the beginning when I was new to all of this. I knew it was long and unwieldy, but I also knew I could not pick and choose which blogs were "worthy" enough for the blogroll. It was all or nothing.

So I started making a comparison list - which blogs were in the blogroll and which were in Google Reader, because I needed it to be synchronized, I needed it to be completely up to date.

And that's when, thanks to Bloggiesta, I learned the cold hard truth.

I subscribe to 571 blogs. That means there are 571 blogs in my Google Reader.

Five hundred. And. Seventy one. Blogs.

I knew I had a lot of subscriptions, but I didn't know it was pushing 600, for goodness sake. No wonder my unread posts don't budge from 1000+. I probably should talk to a professional about this.

There was no way that I could have 571 blogs in a blogroll. That would just be ridiculous. But, I couldn't just hit delete ... what, and have no blogroll?

I was also, I realized, putting a lot more thought into this than was called for. (I tend to do this, as The Dean will readily confirm, particularly for trivial matters. Major things that need my attention - cancelling a cell phone that's racking up charges each month, getting a mammogram, the fact that we've lived in this house for two years and STILL have at least one unpacked cardboard box in each room - those things? Pffft. But agonizing about how one can succinctly list 571 blogs in a blogroll ... this I will spend three hours of my life on.)

The end result is that the blogroll is gone. Deleted.

And so are 11 blogs in my Reader that haven't posted in several months (there was one that hadn't posted since 2007!) or that I'm losing interest in, for whatever reason.

For now, I'm heading to bed with plans to tackle some of the other to-do's tomorrow. (And who knows? Maybe I'll find it in me to unpack a box - and most likely, delete its contents - from two years ago.)


Suey said...

I am afraid I'm in the same boat here. I don't even want to know how many blogs are in my reader. Scary. But I do know the other number is ALWAYS above 1000. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend. Maybe.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

This totally made me laugh. Goodbye blogroll!

Debbie's World of Books said...

Wow, 571?! That is amazing. I thought I was bad pushing 300 and I can't even keep up with those.

I really need to clean up my blogroll.

Happy Bloggiesta!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

My grandma had a saying..."What you don't know won't hurt you" LOL.

Well, I don't really believe that (at least most of the time!), but when it comes to Google readers, maybe that's just one of those things I'd rather not know!

Today I'm planning to tackle some of the more difficult tasks on my list, like learning how to back-up my blogs. Since I have SEVENTEEN, now, that could be a major feat!

Maybe that will be "just one of those things" I don't need to know!

Good luck!!!

Florinda said...

If you ever decide you want your blogroll back, you can install a gadget that will pull from your Google Reader; you can set how many blogs you want to display and what info you want to show on your blog. That's how I've managed my blogrolls - I have three of them on my blog - for awhile.

I got my Google Reader subscriptions down to 495 (you don't want to know where I started, but it was more than 571) :-D.