Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book of Days

"One way to be my journey,

this way could be my Book of Days ...." Enya

Today, on my way into work, I made a right instead of a left and walked into a church.

A colleague's mother passed away last week. After paying my respects to the family this morning, I approached the casket. My eye and breath caught upon some papers resting inside.

Nana's 2009 Calendar, one said, and I realized it was indeed such, a personalized calendar, the likes of which can be created via Snapfish or Shutterfly.

And then another: Nana's 2010 Calendar.

Probably a Christmas present, I thought. Unwrapped just 18 days ago.

Despite being 89, she had been in excellent health, my colleague told me, as we chatted briefly in the receiving line. Right up until Christmas Day, no problems. We had no idea, he said. We never do.

Days gone by. Days yet to come. We take them all with us.

"One day, one night, one moment, with a dream to believe in.

One step, one fall, one falter, find a new earth across a wide ocean.

This way became my journey,

This day ends together, far and away."

~ Enya, "Book of Days"

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