Friday, January 1, 2010

Book Review Policy

I welcome review copies from publishers, publicists, and authors. However, please note that I can't guarantee I'll love the book and I can't guarantee I'll finish it if I'm not enjoying it, but I promise a fair and honest review.

It would be helpful (and advised) to peruse the list of Books I've Read, as well as the Book Reviews that I've written here to get a sense of my preferences and review style.

I am most interested in reading contemporary fiction, memoir, short story collections and anthologies, poetry, young adult, and children's books (reading level of age 8+).

Nonfiction about recent current events, pop culture/trends/sociology, spirituality, vegetarian cooking, parenting, women and girls' issues, biography, writing, some self-help, and business/marketing are also of interest.

Generally, I do not prefer or answer queries pertaining to mystery/thriller/crime, horror, vampire-lit, science fiction, fantasy, romance, chick-lit, historical fiction, or graphic novels/manga.

Audiobooks are fine (and also subject to the "might not be finished/might not enjoy" policy), but at this time, I don't read e-books, as I don't have an e-reader.

It could take several months or longer for me to review a book, as I have a full-time job, a family, and other outside interests.

Interviews with authors, giveaways, and guest blogs from authors are also welcomed. To contact me regarding a particular book, please email me at peanutboo2 AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you for your consideration.

Updated 1/9/2010

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