Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Lovely Award, From One Lovely Friend

JoAnn from Lakeside Musing has given me this lovely award. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm very appreciative, and extremely flattered that JoAnn thought of me and my blog for this.

JoAnn's a frequent commenter here, which I'm always grateful for, and we have similar tastes in books. She's recently rediscovered short stories and will be reviewing them on her blog throughout the year. Her blog is one of my must-reads, but that would definitely make it even more so for me.

She's also been blogging for just over a year or so, which I would have never guessed.

I'm grateful for the One Lovely Blog award, but take it from me - if you want to see a lovely blog, go visit Lakeside Musing. (And tell me if that lake of hers isn't one of the loveliest places you've ever seen.)

Thank you, JoAnn!

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Stephanie said...

Betty and Boo's Mommy-
You rock! Of course you got an award-you deserve it! I like the memoir challenge. It is my favorite genre and the one I am writing myself.
I love your "about me," especially the Philadelphia girl mindset...must be why I like you so much.

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

Right back 'atcha, my friend. :)

JoAnn said...

This is the 'loveliest' award post I've ever seen! Thank you.