Friday, February 5, 2010

In Which I Catch Up with My Friend Rachel and Share Her Book Trailer

Think back to September of last year. Remember when I was telling you how Rachel Simon was one of my very favorite writers ever? And that she is probably the best writer you're not currently reading? And how thrilled I was to discover that she had a new book out? That would be this one:

I reviewed it here, and kept meaning to send Rachel the link with a note, but ... didn't. Well, this week I discovered Rachel on Facebook, sent her a message, and she replied with a wonderful note.

(I'm telling you, the woman has a way about her that makes you feel as if you're the most important person on her mind at that moment, which is exactly the little pick-me-up that I needed when I read her email. She also has that persona that makes you want to be her friend.)

She also shared with me the book trailer for Building a Home with My Husband: A Journey Through the Renovation of Love. It captures so much of what the book is about, which is not just about the renovation of a house, but the construction and design of our relationships and the renovations that happen to them throughout the course of our lives.

Take a look at the book trailer for Building a Home with My Husband and see what you think.

There is also a version of this on Rachel's website that allows you to flip through the book trailer's pages at your own speed.


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