Monday, February 22, 2010

The New York Challenge

Don't you just love that button?

I do, and I love the new Reading Challenge that it belongs to. Of course, I'm talking about The New York Challenge, hosted by Jill from Fizzy Thoughts. It's all in the spirit of giddy anticipation that more than a few of us (ahem) have for a certain couple of bookish-type of events (those would be BEA and the Book Blogger Convention) being held in The Big Apple this May.

It's such an easy challenge. (If you can make it with this challenge, you can make it with any of them ... ba dum bump!) All that's required is to read one book - any genre - with New York as the setting. A guidebook, a nonfiction or fiction book, whatever.

My book for this is going to be (most likely) Jay McInerney's How It Ended: New and Collected Stories. I've had this out from the library twice now, and sad to say it has always gone back unread. I love me some Jay McInerney and the high of living vicariously through his characters, the drama of which I have never even remotely experienced. When I think stories set in New York, his is the stuff is what comes to mind. Pure, unadulterated literary crack.

(Although now that I think about it, I'm not sure if all of these stories are actually set in New York ... well, if not, I'm sure I'll have no problem finding something else.)

Jill (a.k.a. Softdrink) is also the queen of the mini-challenges and the kickin' prizes, and knowing her, she has some fun ones in store with this Challenge, her first hosted one. (For real, Jill? I would have lost that bet, if someone had asked me if you'd hosted a challenge previously.) There's a fun, albeit optional, mini-challenge with The New York Challenge.

Expect a post later this week with my answers to that. (Oh, I am such a tease, aren't I?)

Till then, head over to Fizzy Thoughts now and join us for The New York Challenge!

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Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

Such a fun challenge. I am looking forward to your answers and your review.