Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyone Deserves Access to Helping Shorts (Re-Post)

This post was originally published on September 9, 2009 here on The Betty and Boo Chronicles. But for new readers, and in light of the whole healthcare reform issue, I thought this might provide a little laugh in the midst of all the craziness. 

Everyone Deserves Access to Helping Shorts

Maybe he was inspired by watching President Obama's speech on Tuesday in his 2nd grade classroom.

Whatever it was, when I mentioned to Boo that I wanted to watch President Obama on TV tonight, he pleaded - pleaded! - with me to stay up late and watch with me.

So, I agreed. "You can watch until 8:30," I said.

We settled onto the couch, at one point Boo commandeering my laptop to Facebook and Twitter on my behalf.

"Do you know what he is talking about?" I asked Boo.
He shook his head. "I think he wants to make the USA a better place."

I tweeted this adorable tidbit (only to be RTed by some miscreat who spouted off about misguided youth - and no, surprisingly it wasn't South Carolina's Official State Idiot Rep. Joe Wilson), and then Boo wrote his own Tweet.

President Obama is talking about helping shorts.

Huh? Helping shorts?

Helping short people?


No, Boo, I laughed. Not helping shorts.

That would be health insurance.

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