Friday, March 12, 2010

Links I Liked

A few links that I liked this week:   

Over at Girl w/Pen, Elline Lipkin reviews Allison Piepmeier's Girl Zines. This books looks fascinating to me. In reading Elline's review, I then clicked on Allison's post about her recent medical struggles. This stopped me in my tracks, because just the other day I had the terrifying thought of wondering what it would be like - what I would be like - if I lost the ability to write. Sadly, Allison is experiencing these emotions on a far more personal level. I don't know Allison personally, but that doesn't seem to matter. She is very much in my thoughts and prayers.

Several bloggers that I read (including Kristen from We Are THAT Family) were in Kenya from March 4 - 10 as part of a program with Compassion International.  Among them is Ryan, who is known to those of  us who read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman as Pastor Ryan (even though he isn't a pastor). Ryan's photographs thus far from his trip to Kenya are among the moving photos I have ever seen. Take a look. Take a look here too.  (Oh, go ahead and read their entire account of their trips.) Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

In honor of this being the 30th anniversary of Women's History Month,  Women's Media Center is profiling 30 women who are making history. Their goal is to raise $10,000 to support WMC Exclusives.  Every dollar raised will go directly toward hiring women writers to comment on major news stories and report topics often neglected by the mainstream media.

Did you know that Fyrefly maintains a Book Blog Search Engine? It's such a wonderful resource.  As Fyrefly wrote:  it’s about time for my semi-annual request re: the Book Blogs Search Engine. If you’ve got a book blog, can you please go check the list and make sure you’re on it? Also, if you’d consider mentioning it to your readers, so they can make sure they’re on it, that would be awesome as well. The number of book bloggers seems to have exploded recently, and when it comes to the search, the more the merrier.

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