Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Funny (and Bizarre) Search Terms

There hasn't been any shortage of fun and bizarre search terms that have led people to my blog. It's always amusing to see these phrases ... at least, I think so.

"now we can go between the moon and New York City"
"well i'm lost in love and i don't know much when you get caught between the moon and new york city."
"new musicals with caught between the moon and New York City."
"the boo bea songs"

"snowmaggedon pictures"
"betty boo wedding photography"

"poem love comes for a season"
"the melody to the song Happy Birthday To You was written by two women of which occupation?"

"James Madason" - (someone searched on this twice, with the same spelling, so I guess they figure that's how our former President spells his name. It is ... if you're Boo and you're 8.)

"betty blogspot"

"oodles of fun answers and questions 3/1/10" (I'd like to think we have oodles of fun and provide answers to questions every day around here, not just on March 1.)

"3 orangutans, 1 blender" (Um ... this one is just downright weird and a bit creepy. I can't imagine which one of my posts could possibly conjure up this search. Or what the hell the searcher was searching for!)

"does boiling onions calm down crying child"
"when a spouse runs for political office"

"speech unbound chronicle review"

"does don draper know his brother dead"
"don draper band"

"found out he my brother kite runner"

"runway catwalk clothes clothing vogue dior vuitton versace ralph"

And my favorite (althought the orangutans in the blender are a pretty close second) is this:

"facebook is watching you."

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Christine said...

So, I just wanna know: what else turned up in the search for orangutans and a blender? Very funny. But weird.