Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Sunday Salon 4/11/2010: Generosity and Goodness

For whatever reason, Blogger is being incredibly stubborn about not allowing me to schedule posts.  I just realized my Sunday Salon from this past week didn't post when I'd intended it to.  Better late than never, I guess. 

I'm heading to Baltimore today for a conference with 4,000 other souls who do the same thing I do for a living.  It should be a good couple of days and I'm really looking forward to it - although the four days away from home is a little bit daunting, I'll admit.  There is some downtime, so I'm bringing along a few books ... of course. 

Two of my books this week happen to be coinciding with this conference. As I mentioned in last week's Salon, I'd picked up Kathy LeMay's The Generosity Plan, which I'm almost finished reading.  It's a quick read of how all of us have the potential to give of our time and talents and treasure to causes we care about, even in these recessionary times when work and home pressures are increasing and discretionary income for philanthropy is dwindling.  Kathy shows us why this is important, not just for the nonprofits our gifts are directed to, but for ourselves.

I work for a nonprofit and have always worked for nonprofits, so I'm guessing I'm not the target audience for this book.  (Although I will read anything Kathy LeMay has to write.)  It does give me some food for thought, however.

Last week at the library, I happened to notice Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu's book, Made for Goodness and Why this Makes All the Difference.  As it turns out, Desmond Tutu is a keynote speaker at the conference! Of course I had to check it out and it will be coming with me this week.  I think it's pretty cool that I saw the book (had no idea about this book until I saw it.)

I'll be blogging about Desmond Tutu's speech later this week.  I think it is on Tuesday.

I hope everyone who participated in the Read-a-Thon had a great day!  I didn't sign up this time around, but I have been trying to visit as many blogs as possible to do some unofficial cheerleading.  And I couldn't let a Read-a-Thon go by without any reading, whether I'm participating or not, so I feel a little better now that I've read about 50 pages of The Generosity Plan.

Hope you have a great week!

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Oh, my...Blogger! It's been doing some other weird things, too, like with images...maybe it's because I added the new dashboard.

Anyway, hope you have a great week, and your book The Generosity Plan sounds intriguing.

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