Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures

Our church held a yard sale today as a fundraiser, so with The Husband working this morning, the kids and I set out to see what bargains could be had. Finding things to do on these days is often difficult, as the kids have very different interests.  This was no exception.  Betty, always eager for any opportunity to shop, was all gung-ho; Boo could not wrap his mind around the concept and because of such, was incredibly resistant. (We're going through a pretty obstinate stretch, behavior-wise, with him.  Happens every damn spring, but that's another post ... or not.)

"I don't want to buy a yard!" he hollered, when I made the suggestion of going to the sale.

A bribe of lunch at Friendly's helped to pry him out of the house and away from the TV and computer.  (Which was a significant part of my motivation.) And off we went. 

There weren't too many kid-related items for Betty and Boo's age range (that will change when we sign up to be sellers next time around; I just didn't get my act together in time for today). What was kind of impressive though was how they dealt with their money.

Boo earned $2 from the tooth fairy last night, so he wisely decided to keep $1 at home and take $1 to the sale. He spent a total of 80 cents (a Bugs Bunny Christmas VHS video for .75 and a Christmas tree ornament for .05) and was thrilled to have change. Most of what Betty picked out were clothes, so I bought them for her.  As well as a few other goodies:

I think we did pretty well.  Betty spotted an empty Mrs. Fields cookie tin with Happy Father's Day written on it and at .25, immediately knew that would be the perfect Father's Day gift.  She also got a small children's cookbook for .25.  As for clothes, she picked out a pink skirt, pink belt, and an Old Navy sweatshirt, all for .50 each. 

For me, I bought a pair of brand new tan heels for $10, a pair of black boots for $2.00 (seriously, $2!  For black boots!), three scarves for .50 each, a box of notecards for $2, an ice cream scooper for .25 (we don't have one), and of course, three books: Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential, by Carolyn Myss; Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee by Charles Shields (so incredibly excited about that!), and Indigo Children, by Lee Carroll and Jon Tober.

Total spent? $18.

Lunch at Friendly's cost more than that!

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Susan said...

So fun! What treasures you got. Our Church also had a big yard sale today. My daughter was helping, so we had to arrive super early. We bought 3 things before the sale even began. I got a cool basket with dividers and a plastic basket liner in it ($3), a tin watering can that I later planted a flower in ($0.75); my daughter got a clear mug ($0.25) and a vintage phone (that does not work)($2). Because she was in the group sponsoring the sale, she helped people clear their booths and ended up with a black dress, a blue dressy top, an aquarium, and a blanket...all for free! I love a good yard sale!