Monday, May 17, 2010

Links I Liked

I'm telling you, I learn something new with every Moms Rising post.  I'd heard that antibacterial soaps and the like aren't all they're cracked up (and promoted) to be, but I never knew exactly why.  Alice Shabecoff's post, Antibacterials = Anti Health explains this in great detail.  Clearly, I need to be paying more attention to this.

Speaking of paying attention (or, more accurately, not paying attention) this Newsweek piece by Andrew Romano offers some thoughts (which I agree with) on Why the Media Ignored the Nashville Flood.

My friend Kirsten is a development consultant for nonprofits in the Louisville, KY area and has a great post on her blog, Fundraising Headlines about the importance of marketing for nonprofits.

And my other friend (and the blogger behind Stephanie's Stories) Stephanie is auditioning - in her bathrobe, no less! - for a chance to be Oprah's next talk show host. Go here and vote - up to 100 times a day - for Aunt Steph's Stoop.  Even if you don't like Stephanie's audition tape, you gotta give props to Stephanie for having enough chutzpah to be filmed in her bathrobe knowing that Oprah herself is watching.

Finally, yesterday (Sunday 5/16) marked the 20th anniversary of the deaths of Sammy Davis Jr. and Jim Henson. My husband has a tribute to both men in his post, Sammy and Kermit: Remembering When Entertainment was the True Reality.  Well worth the read. (I'd be linking to this even if the author wasn't the guy on the laptop next to mine.)

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