Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Simplicity of Mother's Day

My Mother's Day gifts from Betty:  a handmade necklace (very much in the Chicos style, don't you think?), an award for being Mother of the Year, and a rock shaped like a heart that she found several months ago and has been keeping for Mother's Day ever since.

The Husband made me breakfast of scrambled eggs, vegetarian bacon, and toast. He did six loads of laundry and folded it and put it away (just as he does every. single. weekend. .... I know, I am a kept woman) while I spent most of the morning (OK, all of the morning) online reading blogs ... and my damn Google Reader still hasn't budged from 1000+. 

In the afternoon, Betty and I visited the library and the grocery store (it might be Mother's Day, but I'd still like to eat for the remainder of the week), and Starbucks. There, standing in line for my Cinnamon Dolce Latte, the person behind me said, "Melissa?" and there stood an acquaintance from my elementary school (a whole state away), who I haven't seen for 30 years, with her daughter. 

Thanks to Facebook, I knew she lived in the general area, and Facebook is how she recognized me.  We're only Friends from Facebook because she is friends with someone who The Husband once supervised.

Amazing to think that in another place and time without this social media thing, we could have easily been standing in line together at Starbucks, unknowing of our connection beyond the need for caffeine.

A simple, low-key Mother's Day with good food, connection with friends, coffee, books, and time to enjoy it all.

Can't ask for a better day than that.

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Trisha said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day; although with a husband who does all of the laundry every weekend, every weekend must be special! Happy Mother's Day (belated)!

Niksmom said...

Sounds like a pretty wonderful day! Happy Mother's Day, my friend. :-)

Mel said...

I went grocery shopping too! Oh and tried to clear my reader and catch up around the blogosphere. WOW, I'm impressed with a hubby who does laundry, very jealous. That card is too cute and the necklace beautiful. I love simple Mother's Days! Hope your week is off to a great start.

Cathy Marie Buchanan said...

Love the Mothers' Day necklace. I'm sure you'll wear it with pride.