Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

We have been living a little on the stressful edge.  Our air-conditioner broke over Memorial Day weekend and as such, we've been doing without for a week. Up until yesterday, we were also in the middle of a heat wave.

Most days, the temperature in our house reached nearly 90, making us cranky. Irritable. Hot. Even more bothered than usual. 

We're dealing with some intensified behaviors from Boo that in our struggle to manage, has sent us back to the offices of his behavioral therapist twice a week, sometimes twice a day if a session falls on the same evening as social skills group.  We've only been back for a week or two, not enough time to know if this approach will work, yet I unrealistically expect instant gratification, immediate results.  (Making me cranky and irritable.)

After disappearing for a few weeks, my insomnia has returned - although the heat was a contributing factor to that. When I do sleep, it's in the guest room that gets a little breeze.

Through my always-closed windows, I'd forgotten that there are some birds that sing through the night, as I wrote in this post.  (The photo above was taken the day I wrote that post.)

I'm falling asleep lightly to the birds in the night.  The ones keeping watch, singing me to sleep in the darkness.

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Trisha said...

That song will be in my head for days now! :) I have a sleep disorder - takes hours to fall asleep - so I sympathize. Try to stay cool (temperature and with Boo!).

Rebecca :) said...

I totally have that song in my head now! But it's okay since I love that song. :)

I can't imagine the crankiness in your poor house! How miserable and frustrating to have all that going on. I hope the heat wave stays away and that you can get the AC fixed soon.

(I'd send hugs, but no need to make you even hotter...)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

We keep the house buttoned up tight in the summer also and I miss the songs also. When we open our windows its our neighbor's A/C we hear roaring through the night.