Monday, June 21, 2010

Bringing Back the Books to Nashville

Imagine a community without books.

In the recent flood that devastated Nashville, the Pencil Foundation lost over 2,000 books. This is a significant loss for this organization that provides a multitude of services to Nashville schools, including a project that provides new and gently used supplies for teachers to use in their classrooms. Prior to the flood, teachers would go to the Pencil Foundation's "store" twice a year and select school supplies and books for their classrooms.

All that is gone.  But as blogger (and Pencil Foundation volunteer) Rebecca Brothers writes, she's created a project to help bring back the books to Nashville.

The Pencil Foundation is planning a book fair for this October. They did this last year and said it was an incredible success. They gave away more than 6,000 books in one day. Each teacher was allowed to take 30 books (a very generous number), so that means more than 200 teachers showed up on their day off to carefully choose books their very needy students would love. So here’s the next step. They need the following items for the book fair:

1) Books: children’s books: board books, pre-school books, flap books, activity (coloring, sticker) books, picture books, young readers, beginning readers, children’s and young adult chapter books, and high school materials. Their most pressing needs are for books struggling readers at the elementary and middle school level can enjoy. High interest non-fiction books are as welcome as fiction. Many students are reading below grade level or are English Language Learners. Books in Spanish would also be greatly welcome. New or used books are great. As one of the foundation representatives said to Rebecca, “A book can have many lives and last many years.” So true!

For those local to Nashville who might be able to provide plastic storage bins and shelving, as well as volunteer time to help before and during the book fair, you can find information about supporting the Pencil Foundation in this way on their website.

As it turns out, I've been trying to figure out what to do with quite a few of Betty and Boo's children's books that they've outgrown.  Hence, a box of books will be going in the mail to the folks at the Pencil Foundation tomorrow.

If you'd like to help, your donation is the media mail rate of the postage to send in your books. Please send them to:

1300 56th Ave North
Nashville, TN 37209

Thanks for helping to bring the books back to Nashville!

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