Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Philadelphia Flyers ...

While straightening up the house this afternoon, I came across this:  a letter of encouragement to the Philadelphia Flyers from my son, Boo.

(A sidenote for those unaware: our Philadelphia Flyers are playing in the Stanley Cup finals. This is kind of a big deal to folks here. Normally, such sports fodder (or any sports fodder, for that matter) doesn't usually make it to the pages of this blog, but I couldn't resist sharing Boo's letter.)   Since they're behind by two games, they need all the encouragement they can get at this point.

Dear Philadelphia Flyers (including coach and ref),

Congragelations for winning Round 2. I bet you guys done a lot of exercize to win. You need a break. Watching TV, doing Wii, go to NJ, practice PHI basketball.  I do that. My dad loved Game 7. "WONDERFUL" he said. I can't believe  you were loseing 0-3 but won 4-3! Bye!

Your fan,

P.S. Good luck!

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

That's so cute! You should send it to them....you never know, maybe he will get a letter back.

Lori said...

ok, as a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan I just have to say, that was adorable! I agree with Denise, send them a copy, you might be surprised. And if he gets to meet Mike Richards, I would happily accompany him on that visit!!!