Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Post from Boo: Portrait of a Young Writer

Last night, Boo asked me if he could write a guest post for my blog about how he got his start as a writer. (He's 8.)  I was powerless to resist. I'm not quite sure what the second paragraph means, nor the line about "fought my life of making copys of paper bags" but I'm resisting the editing urge and providing it here for your - and more importantly, our relatives' -  enjoyment.

The photo is of a page in a memory book that Boo's preschool teachers made for him, in 2007. He's dressed up as a pirate, holding a map, and the caption is "Where should I look to find the treasure?"  For some reason, I thought this seemed to fit with this post.

I started writing books since i was 3 years old in 2005. Well i was nearly 4. This was way before I typed on the Computer. My first book i wrote was in Pennslyvania (the state i lived in since 2002 to 2007)

As i was saying, My first book was called "cookie on the run". Cookie on the run was a populer story all over Pennslyvania. Almost 800 people saw it. Cookie was a charecter i made up in December 2004.

"Im not going to give up my nice work until it looks nicer than a clean hotel. Nobody can stop me from giving up if they try to make me. And if they do, I can trick em by getting 5 peices of paper a cut out a real log cabin and throw it or something or mabe get out 6 peices of paper and make a big apartment and SLAM!"
I said.

In the next Two months, I had a dream. That i would write a comic book of a school and a bunch of charecters to make and turn it into a book. In April, I fought my life of making copys of paper bags.

My dream wouldnt come i thought. But in September 8th 2005, My dream came true. One of my friends said my comic was saled all around Pennslyvania and i was a true student.

All thanks to that comic.


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Trisha said...

I would like to read Cookie on the Run. That is a seriously great title. Too cute!

K A B L O O E Y said...

Oh, me too! I'm sorry not to be one of the nearly 800 lucky people who read it. "Cookie on the Run." That is a great title. It could be a movie, too, Boo. (Hey, that rhymes.) Is there any way we could see it? Also, is it really true that you (addressing Boo, here) invented the character in 2004 when you were three/almost four? That's terrific. Has Cookie featured in any other stories? I'm very impressed with your passion for writing and hope you keep it up and I can one day buy Boo books at the store. Then I can get you to autograph them one day.

jiniloos7@gmail.com said...

Billy, I am seriously liking what you're writing these days. It looks like you've got a good start to do some great things. I knew your mom and dad when they were students in school and they both were good writers. So, it runs in the family. I look forward to reading more, and I wish I could see the comic! Keep up the good work of exercising your brain and imagination... then the stories will just keep on coming!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

That's so great! I love that you did a guest post like this.

He is probably very excited to see it in print.

Niksmom said...

Excellent! I can see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree at all! :-)