Thursday, June 17, 2010

Links I Liked

I had to read PunditMom's post ("For Some, a "Little" Female Genital Mutilation is OK") twice to make sure I was really reading what I was reading - and that I was reading about something that happens in the United States.  The American Academy of Pediatrics originally said this is OK.  (To quote PunditMom from her post, "Was there an American Association of Pediatrics ‘let’s get high on crack’ meeting that took place where they came up with this idea?")  They have since gone back on that, but still ... WTF.

Hailey Reissman, the 22 year old winner of the $64,243 Sophie Kerr Prize, seems to be a writer worth watching. This is the nation's most lucrative undergraduate literary prize.

I hadn't heard of this new (to me, at least) term before reading Sabrina's post ("Whose 'body' are you?") on Philly Moms Blog. 

Reading is more involved than I ever realized, now that I've read this great post, Master the True Art of Reading: How to Read a Book, as found on Abundance Blog by Marelisa Online. 

One book I don't need to read any more is the Yellow Pages. Now, you (and I) can opt out of receiving the phone book.  Small Notebook tells us how.

Chasing Ray is one of my favorite blogs. Colleen Mondor always makes me think, and her post ("What It Means to Say 'Brand Me'") is no exception.

Are you reading Megan from Velveteen Mind's posts about the oil spill? You really should be. Her writing (always incredible, but especially so now) about this tragedy is just so poignant, as evidenced in her post Blessing of the Fleet: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Week 8.

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