Friday, August 27, 2010

Links I Liked

We ladies are very much in the majority with this book blogging thing, aren't we? (Anyone who was at BlogHer knows that.) But over on Dead White Guys: An Irreverent Guide to Classic Literature (one of my newest favorite blogs), Jane Doe gives us a few male book bloggers who are very much alive. And reading. 

Over at Collecting Children's Books, Peter Sieruta offers a great post ("Timeless to Me") about the timelessness of Beverly Cleary's books, starring Ramona, Beezus, and their friend Henry Huggins ... and The New York Times has an article on the appeal of YA books to adults. (Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, and one of the many wonderful people I met at BlogHer, is mentioned in this article too.)

And in New Jersey, some adults are making decisions about what young adults should be reading, as evidenced by the removal of the book Revolutionary Voices from both the high school library AND the town's public library.  The powers-that-be declared Revolutionary Voices, a multicultural queer youth anthology published in 2000, unsuitable and neglected to follow proper censorship procedures leading up to the book's removal.   Bitch Blogs has a very good post ("From the Library: Revolutionary Voices Banned, Revolutionary Readings Emerge") about this issue and how some students are hosting readings of the book.

Her Bad Mother's post ("The Monster in the Closet") should be required reading for every mother, every woman, because we have all either been in that place or known someone who has.

On the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Rachel from A Southern Fairytale explains why she still calls the Gulf of Mexico home.

And Chefdruck explains why we have the power to avoid future food recalls.

Finally, since this link roundup is filled with heavy topics, we'll end with a lighthearted one.  My new favorite animal is the zedonk, as pictured on Read Street (the Baltimore Sun blog) mainly because "zedonk" is way too much fun to say.  (And it's so dang cute!)

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Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Intriguing post...I, too, have recently discovered the Dead White Guys blog.

I was also interested in reading the Time article (about YA books), which I did. Interestingly enough there was a bit of a "tempest in a teapot" last weekend, when Desert Book Chick wrote a post that posed the question of why so many adults are reading YA books.

I believe (and she stated) that she seriously was just seeking information, but many people responded as if they had been struck. There was a lot of emotion and some heated exchanges. Many, many comments followed. Most were stating their opinions, but some were kind of rude.

What I learned from this is how defensive some people reading these books feel. And I wonder about that, too.

So, yes, I'd say the topic is controversial.

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

I saw that ... that was something else, wasn't it?