Friday, July 30, 2010

An Open Letter to Those Vandalizing My Kids' Summer Camp

Dear Eggheads,

Yeah, I'm talking to you, genius.  You, the one who apparently thinks it is ... cool?  funny? what's the right word here? ... to spend your nights throwing dozens of eggs at my kids' summer camp facility. 

I'm not exactly sure what your point is, what message you're trying to impart. Are you somehow against kids having fun in the summer?  Think that they shouldn't have a safe place to be?  Some kind of message against child care, that we all should have the sorts of lives where we can luxuriate in being home with our kids all day (Believe you me, the best choice for my kids is to be in a program where they can make friends and play and go on fun trips.)

No, I just think you're being an ass.

When you first did this a few months ago, it was probably chalked up as a prank, a whim, a dare. 

But this has been going on every single night for the past few weeks now, and it's kind of getting annoying.  And, frankly, unnerving. 

It's kind of disturbing, really, to think that someone like you has nothing better to do with your time than to egg a summer camp.  Not to mention the fact that my tax dollars needs to be spent for our local police to be bothered with such shenanigans, although I'd rather them catch you now before you move onto other crimes,  if you haven't already.

You're obviously not a parent - or if you are, you're not a responsible one.  Because you would know that if anytime you have your kids out of your peripheral vision, you're afraid that there is someone in their midst that is willing and capable of doing them harm.  You might not think you're that person, but I know your type.  Today it's throwing eggs.  Tomorrow, who knows what it will be? Assault, abuse ... you're capable of all of it. 

And frankly, it bothers the hell out of me that you and I have walked the same ground in the parking lot, that you've set eyes on the basketball court where my son, one of the shortest kids in his class, dreams of being the next NBA superstar. 

You might just think you're being funny or that you're being cool, but you're taking away a lot of people's sense of security, even that of the kids, who seem to be handling this in a much more laissez-faire manner than I am.  But the seeds of your summer of destruction will linger, reminding them during what should be carefree days that someone is lurking, possibly watching and willing to do them harm.

My kids will learn this lesson soon enough. 

And if I had my way, so would you.

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