Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Sluggish Reading, Sluggish Sunday

After a great vacation week in which I finished two books, it has been a struggle to even get through a few chapters this week. There isn't any specific reason, other than getting back into the swing of things work-wise and having a couple of busier-than-usual days. 

That's definitely not a criticism of my current read, Claude and Camille: A Novel of Monet, by Stephanie Cowell.  I'm really enjoying this historical novel and love story of the Impressionist painter Monet and Camille Doncieux. There's so much I didn't know about Monet's life and it really is an interesting read. 

I'd hoped to finish this today, but I am exhausted (and recovering from being dehydrated) from a scorching hot trip to the beach yesterday with Betty and a few friends from her Girl Scout troop.  According to the paper, the heat index was well over 100 degrees, which made sense given that the temperature on my car's dashboard registered at an all-time record of 108. It was brutally hot.

To cool off, we spent some time in one of my favorite independent bookstores, Browseabout Books.  We don't get there nearly enough (it's an hour and a half away, with no beach traffic) but I love this store and try to get there anytime I am in the area.

My book-buying budget had to be a bit more restrained then I'd have preferred.  This summer, Betty is very into the Judy Moody books by Megan McDonald.  She also really enjoys journal-type books where she can answer questions, so she chose Judy Moody's Way Wacky Uber-Awesome Book of More Fun Stuff to Do as well as Hannah Montana: In the Loop.

My decisions, as usual, took a little while.  I went back and forth between Sara Gruen's Flying Changes and Riding Lessons, as an attempt to hold me over before Ape House is released. 

Then I was considering Lit by Mary Karr.  Then The Horse Boy: A Memoir of Healing, by Rupert Isaacson.  Then the new short story collection, Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It by Maile Meloy. 

Finally, we had a winner ... Finny, Justin Kramon's debut novel, which was just released last week or so (and that I was surprised to see, as I didn't think it was out yet). I've been hearing some nice buzz on this from other bloggers (Booking Mama, The Book Lady's Blog) and I was very impressed with Justin's interactions with bloggers via the comments on Beth Fish Reads, so I decided to buy it. Plus, there is the fact that Justin is now a Philly guy (he has several upcoming appearances in the area) and you know how I adore my Philadelphia area authors ... so how could I not buy this? 

Hope your reading has been a little more productive than mine this week!

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Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I can relate to sluggish reading days.

Sounds like a wonderful bookstore that you visited.

Happy reading!

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Trisha said...

I admire your self-control; I may have just bought all of them. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Finny.