Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Cooking: Feasting on Food at the Fair

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I absolutely love our State Fair.  It's very reasonably priced for admission and even though you can spend a small fortune on amusement rides and all kinds of food (oh, the food!) we always have a great time. 

We spent Saturday at our State Fair and for whatever reason, high on my agenda was having some funnel cake. I've been craving this for the past week, maybe more. 

Which is a funny thing about this funnel cake: I have no idea why I had to have this.  There isn't a specific memory I have associated with it, or of someone I love who ate it or shared it with me. All I can come up with is that it is a Pennsylvania Dutch treat and those foods just seem to remind me of my Aunt Lizzie.  Not like I ever met her either, but the stories that my mom and grandmother and uncle have told about her make me almost believe I had (and wish even more than I actually did get to know her). 

Anyway, so with the funnel cake, I just ... had to have some.  (And since that is my son's fingers in the photo, I wasn't alone.)

In case you don't know what funnel cake is, it is made by pouring batter through a funnel in a circular motion, deep-frying it in hot oil, and then sprinkling with powdered sugar.  Jam and chocolate syrup are also popular toppings.  It's served warm.  (Or in my case today, piping hot.) It's delicious. 

There's no shortage of food that you can indulge in at the fair.  (The healthiest offering I saw was a smoothie booth - where Betty enjoyed a strawberry concoction and I had another one of my fair musts, a frozen lemonade.  Quite the deal, too, because it was a decent size and we could go back for free refills because of purchasing a souvenir cup.)

Last Friday, Paula Deen was at our fair and while I didn't have a chance to see her, I'd heard that her famous doughnut burger was going to be available. Not like I was interested in sampling such (it sounds kind of vile to me, truthfully) but I was looking for one to take a picture of for the blog but no luck. Haven't heard of a doughnut burger (or donut burger)?  Apparenty, it is like a hamburger, but with a glazed donut (preferably Krispy Kreme) in place of the bun.  There's a breakfast version too - donut, hamburger, fried egg, cheese, and bacon.  I can feel my arteries clogging as I type. 

We pretty much stuck to the standards, as we usually do (we're not very adventurous eaters) - pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, with soft ice cream and milkshakes (and the aforementioned funnel cake).

Pretty much, anything and everything you could possibly want to eat can be found here. I think that's one of the reasons I love it - the fair is one of the few outings where everyone in our family can have what they want for dinner with no cooking from me and no complaints.

"There's nothing like Fair food," I commented, while we were having dinner.

"There's nothing better than Fair food," Betty corrected me. 

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JoAnn said...

Oh, yum! Our State Fair is at the end of the month. In addition to the standard treats, it seems just about anything deep-fried is available... from oreos to pickles to bloomin' onions! Healthy food can be found, too. You just have to look a little harder.

Trish said...

Our state fair comes in October when it's a little less hot (although last time I went it was still in the 90s). Love me some fair food--it's amazing all the different things you can fry! :P Definitely not for the healthy...