Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guest Post from Boo: Diary of an Elementary School Kid

In the spirit of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Boo has started keeping a journal of his 3rd grade experiences.  He's asked to share some of his entries with the readers of The Betty and Boo Chronicles and I am, as always, powerless to resist.  (Note to the grandmothers who will likely be compelled to call regarding the bloody knee and steamed water: to our knowledge, no such incidents occurred and these appear to be included here in a fictional, dramatic embellishment context.) Enjoy.

Dear Readers,
The 5th week of 3rd Grade is here and my best friend is driving me nuts about something of his own. And pretty much i have no advice and no hiding place. So on Saturday when i came to soccer a girl gave me a bloody knee.

The good thing is after i get a bodyguard the Cheerleaders at school will be rubbing their hands on him [Boo's best friend] like i said HORRAY! But the bad  thing is if the cheerleaders rip his organs, take my one word BOO! So on Wednesday, some girls put steamed water on me. P.S. please do not drench someone on Wednesdays or Thursays OR MONDAYS. One thing i know someone has a crush on my teamate. YAY! But after some popcorn and a tough bodyguard my chest will be smooth as baby's bottom. On Saturday Afternoon at 2, i turned on Nickoloden when Michelle Obama was talking about the WORLDWIDE DAY OF PLAY time for 180 minutes. Why couldn't Victorius or Looney Tunes be on or something! Well thats all for this latest Diary of an Elementary School kid letter. Next time will be uh maybe Tuesday or someday!
P.S. don't miss my next latest letter.

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pixiemama said...

Hi, Boo! Look out for that steamed water. Evil stuff.

Amy said...

I love it! And yes, watch out for those girls and their steamed water :)

K A B L O O E Y said...

Cheerleaders Rip His Organs! That sounds like a NY Post headline from the '80's. That's compelling stuff, Boo. You've got another reader eager for more.