Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kid Konnection: Thunderboom! Poems for Everyone, by Charlotte Pomerantz

Every Saturday, Julie from Booking Mama hosts a feature called Kid Konnection about anything related to children's books. Today I thought I would share a review of a children's poetry book that we discovered at our library.

Thunderboom! Poems for Everyone
by Charlotte Pomerantz
pictures by Rob Shepperson
Front Street (an imprint of Boyds Mills Press)

Children's poetry delights me.  Always has, ever since I read A Child's Garden of Verses when I was young.

Lately, it's become harder and harder to find books to read to Betty and Boo during snacktime. At 8, they have different interests and even though they can read completely independently now and don't need their Mommy to read to them, I think there's something about us reading together while enjoying snack that they don't quite feel ready to give up. 

Truth be told, I'm in no hurry either.

Still, I know our days for this are probably numbered, so in order to keep this ritual going a little longer, I'm revisiting the old favorites and introducing some poetry into the mix.

Thunderboom! is one of the children's poetry collections I checked out of the library recently and these poems don't disappoint.  They are, as the title suggests, poems for everyone. (The inside jacket proclaims them to be "a ragtag, boodlebag of poems.") There are 41 poems in Thunderboom!, several based on classics ("Bloomsday"), nursery rhymes ("For Humpy My Dumpy"), holidays and celebrations ("Passover", "Wedding Song of Mole and Vole"), songs ("We Three Queens of Orient Are") and  - my favorite of all these, beloved children's stories ("Good Night, Margaret Wise Brown")

Good Night, Margaret Wise Brown 

In the great green room
There was a cellular phone
And a Mylar balloon
And a picture of 
A Mars probe hurtling past the moon
And three endangered bears
On inflatable chairs 
And Internet-bought socks 
And digital clocks 
And a virtual dollhouse
And an ergonomic mouse 
And a bowl full of high-fiber low-carb mush
And a baby monitor murmuring "hush." 
Good night, room
Good night, moon
Good night, Mars probe hurtling past the moon
Good night, stars 
Good night, air 
And random acoustics everywhere 
Good night, city
Good night, town
Good night,

Isn't that great? See what I mean about these being poems for everyone?  Indeed, they really are - although, maybe not my kids, because they seem to still be developing an appreciation for poetry.  That's OK with me, though. 

I intend to keep reading it to them until they tell me to stop.

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Julie P. said...

How sweet! I love your snack/reading time. I feel as if I've done a disservice to my kids by not reading much poetry to them.

Thanks for sharing!