Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Daughter the Philanthropist

Having a fundraiser for a mother has turned my daughter into a budding philanthropist.

On Wednesday I wrote about Betty's passion for the orcas (killer whales) and I told her that I included the photos from the dolphin show in my blog post that day.

Which prompted her to ask me to set her up with her own blog.  "Because if I have my own blog, I will be able to get more people to help me save the whales.  And the dolphins too.  Because we don't want to leave them out."

I set her up on but since I highlighted Boo's writing earlier this week, it is only in the interest of fairness that I give you Betty's pitch.  (Call me biased, but with nearly 20 years in the fundraising profession, I think this appeal letter is pretty damn good.  God knows I've seen worse.)

Orca and dolphin saving with Betty

"You see, my new blog is about saving two kinds of mammals that I love, Orcas and dolphins. But there is some bad news: Orcas are endangered! That is why I wanted my mom to make me my first blog. A few weeks ago my grandma and grandpa came to stay for two days. Mommom and I were looking at my grown-up library book Freeing Keiko. Keiko is the orca who plays Willy in the movie Free Willy. When I heard orcas were endangered I was like``I didn`t know orcas were endangered!'' So that is why it is important to care about orcas and dolphins and all kinds of se mammals. I went to my class Book Fair and got a diary that said Follow your heart on it. I`m chasing my dream to become an orca trainer and I`m following my heart to do what I want to do about orcas being endangered. When I heard about the oil spill I was just shocked. It got all over the pelicans and the sea creatures that lived in the sea. So here is what I`m going to do about it : I`m going to make a donation to save the orcas that are being caught in fishing nets and being taken away from their familys. The donations will cost money but it won`t cost much. The donations are up to 1 to 10 dollars. That is what you have to do if you want to help me save every orca in the world. Remember this is for dolphins too. But it`s not for the money, it`s for the orcas and the money. I would also like some tips on being an orca traainer, so if you have any for me you can just send it by mail or you can e-mail me about it.``

She's quite serious about selling some unwanted toys and raising money to send to a charity to help the orcas.  (We're just not quite sure which one exactly.  We're researching possibilities.)   She truly believes she can save each and every orca. 

Again, I'm biased (and maybe a bit jaded), but how can you not love the passion? It's made me think that this spirit, this enthusiasm is what my friend Kathy LeMay had in mind when writing her book, The Generosity Plan.  As a fundraiser, I am drawn to youth philanthropy and I believe that it is our duty as parents and as citizens of the world to allow our kids to develop a sense of giving back, of making a difference.  I see this in my work. I see this in my immediate and extended family.

And during a week where so much has not gone right or as planned, and in a week that has brought much doubt and stress, the orcas make me feel like we are doing one thing right. 

They make me see a little bit of hope.

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Susan said...

That is absolutely precious! I love her spirit, as well as her spunk. And ya know, we can do almost anything, if we pour our heart and soul into it the way Betty is. Go girl!!