Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shades of Things to Come

Pucker up, dollface. 
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September 19, 2010
I promise you, I'm not going to be turning this blog into an "adorable and witty things my kids say" journal, but, well ... they have been coming up with some gems lately. 

And there is the small matter that the blog is called The Betty and Boo Chronicles, with a mission statement of keeping the grandparents living at a distance happy and content with all the updates their hearts can hold.

Hence, this post.

"School was terrible!" exclaimed Boo, pronouncing it "tear-able," with a slight grin on his face.

"What was so terrible about it?" I asked.

"At recess?  I had ten girls chasing me!  TEN GIRLS!  Why are they chasing me?  What, do they like me or something?  I need advice."

"That's your father's department," I said.

"I mean, they HAVE COOTIES!"

How quaint that girls (and boys, I presume) still have cooties in this day and age, I thought. 

"It's quite possible that they like you," I said.  "This probably comes as a surprise, but in the third grade, I used to chase boys around the playground too."

"Who? Daddy?"

"I didn't know Daddy then.  We liked to chase Bill Calhoun."  

"Did you like him?"

"Well, yeah."  (Now you know, Bill Calhoun.  After 33 years, my secret crush is revealed ... but you would have had to have been clueless not to have any doubt.)  

"Did he wear sunglasses?"

"Huh?  I don't remember, bud.  Maybe."

"Because the girls say that my sunglasses make me look cute.  I don't want to look cute!  I want to look cool."

Ah.  The shades.  Well, there you go.  Girls can't resist a guy in sunglasses.  And Boo, who doesn't like wearing his regular glasses out in the sun because of the sun glare, has taken to bringing his sunglasses to school and wearing them ... you guessed it, at recess.  Where his charms are apparently too much for the likes of Jewel and Hannah to resist. 

Since The Husband was working late last night, we called him to get his advice on the girl chasing.  Apparently, what he and I collectively had to offer wasn't good enough.  Tonight, Grandpop will be getting a phone call.  I suspect that the uncles (you know who you are) are next. 

This is new territory for us.  But I guess I better get used to it.  Because, as they say, the future's so bright ...

(C'mon, you knew this was coming ...)

He's gotta wear shades. 

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Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Hee hee :) I do love your Betty and Boo stories - it reminds me of when I used to nanny and do daycare. Kids can be so unintentionally funny.

K A B L O O E Y said...

The poor little heartbreaker. Hey, did you ever see the old All in the Family with Edith's old high school crush Buck Evans? Classic.