Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl (Doesn't) Need

Betty and Boo are invited to a birthday party on Saturday, which was the topic of conversation at dinnertime last night.

"I know what H. really wants for her birthday," Betty stated.

"And what would that be?" I said.

"A bikini."

The Husband's response was a half cough, half choking sound as he stood at the sink rinsing dishes.  "A what??!" he exclaimed.

"A bikini," repeated Betty.

(In case you're wondering, H. is turning 7.)

"We are not," said The Husband, "getting anyone a bikini."

"Awww, Daaaaa-aaaaddd!  She really wants one."

"I don't care what she really wants.  We are not buying H. a bikini."

"She can wear it in late summer," suggested Betty.

"This is late summer!"

"Allllll-riiiiiighhhhttt," sighed Betty, rolling her eyes.  "What about a Barbie doll instead?"

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Trisha said...

Hahahaha! I love the hubby's reaction. Bikinis on children are alternately creepy and cute. My four year old niece has a "bikini" - a tank top and bathing suit bottoms - and I'm thrilled to say that my 7-10 year old cousins are happy with the tank top bikini as well. For them, as long as it's two pieces, they don't care how big the top is. :) No string bikinis under the age of 17.

Anonymous said...


Although maybe she wants the bikini because 2 piece suits are SO MUCH EASIER to deal with, particularly on bathroom breaks. My daughter loves tankini style suits for this reason. Her favorite had shorts and a swim shirt.