Thursday, October 21, 2010

Links I Liked

It's been awhile since I treated you to some great finds that I've come across along the blogosphere.  Some of these are more than a month old, but they're still well worth the read.  Enjoy.

We're appalled at how other countries treat their women, yet we're not much better here in the United States, says Queen of Spain Blog in this post, Let He Who is Without Sin.

If you're an executive director of a nonprofit organization or work for one, this post from Nonprofit University Blog ("Saving the Sector") might be a wake-up call ... or validation that you're not alone in feeling this way.

Speaking of calls, what the hell was up with Ginni Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) calling Anita Hill and asking her to apologize for what she did 20 years ago?  PunditMom has a theory (and it's one I agree with) with her post, "Excuse Me, Virginia Thomas.  You Have That Anita Hill Apology Thing Backwards."

MoxieLife's post on not being included resonated with me for ... well, for several reasons this week. 

And so did Egghead23's post ("Misty Watercolored Memories") about finding an old photograph.  (As well as her post on living life in - or out? - of 3D.)

Susan Senator gives a theory of hers (and one that I agree with) about the concept of theory of mind in her post "Theory of Mine."  Perhaps a different way of thinking about how those with autism think.

There are food bloggers and then there are ... those of us who should probably leave the food blogging to others.  Kablooey, dear friend that she is, falls into the latter category with this hilarious post "Why I'm Not a Food Blogger."  I promise you'll start laughing as soon as you see her adorable Moochie's perplexed face.

I know I've been yammering on about the upcoming elections in our state, so I have plenty of motivation to vote on November 2.  But those of you who might be having a ho-hum kind of election year might need some convincing as to why this is important ... so who better to get motivation from than the incredible, amazingly gifted Carly Simon (yes, the Carly Simon) who offers some up some in her blog post.

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Jo said...

Thanks for these links. I just read the one about "please include me" and it made me want to find her and give her a hug. And then it made me want a hug.