Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Work, Women, Music, and Meds

Instead of reading, I'll be working most of today.  I like my paycheck so I'm not complaining about the occasional weekend of work.  What's really bothering me is that I'm going to be near the beach and near one of my favorite independent bookstores ... and no time to visit either one.  Kind of a bummer but nothing I can do about it.

Speaking of work, this week I started and finished Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World by Linda Tarr-Whelan. I first saw this at the BlogHer bookstore and saw it again a few weeks ago on the library's New Books shelf.

When I went to BlogHer this summer, I wanted so badly to attend The White House Project session that Linda Tarr-Whelan was participating in (as well as Marie Wilson, who I love and think is amazing and who I heard speak at a conference in Toronto ... and then I wound up sitting next to her later in the airport!).  Alas, I had to make due with the recaps on the live blogs, including the Official BlogHer'10 Live Blog from a QandA with Linda. Much of what Linda mentions here is also referenced in more detail within her book, which found to be chock full of information and a fast read.  If you are participating in the Women Unbound challenge (which I read this for) and find yourself in need of another read, this might be of interest.

Back in July, Beth Kephart wrote about the literary luminescence that is American Music and oh my ... she is so right, as she is about so many things. This book is breathtaking.  It is so hard to describe the wonder that is contained in these pages, but it is magical and sad and supernatural and oh-so-real and filled with love and history and so very much more. It is also written in a very spare and almost perfunctory style, which would otherwise not be appealing to me, but in this novel it works so very well. There are many, many passages of pure grandeur ... so many that it is going to be hard to choose just one or two for reviewing purposes. It is the type of book with characters whose stories you want to read forever. Oh my goodness, I just love this one to no end.

My current audiobook is also one that Beth wrote about, but it was on my TBR list before reading her post about We've Got Issues: Children and Parents in the Age of Medication.  I'm early into this one, but I already have to give Judith Warner much credit for writing this book, which is very different than the one she set out to write.  Originally, she intended to write about her theory that parents were willy-nilly medicating their kids in order to achieve some nirvana of perfection from their offspring.  Instead, she found that there are many families raising children with significant mental health issues ... which makes for a changed mindset and a very different book indeed.  I'll be listening to this one during my drive to and from today's work event by the beach and the bookstore.

How are you spending this autumn Sunday?

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Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I worked, read, blogged, had a great dinner with family and am now having a glass of wine!!! You post some really good books!

Beth Kephart said...

I hated that I steered you wrong with HEDGEHOG, but I'm so glad these two books are working some magic with you.