Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Cooking: Merry Halloween!

Instead of giving out this for Halloween ....

... there was almost a chance that we'd have to give out this: 

So I'm grocery shopping this afternoon, and I head down the seasonal aisle to pick up our Halloween loot, and ... nothing. 

Well, next to nothing.  The shelves were practically bare. Sold out was the sale item I sought (a bag of 100 pieces of Hershey goodness for $9.99).  Only a few cardboard bins of Butterfingers, Snickers, and KitKats remained. 

That's because room needed to be made for the Christmas candy taking its place - in particular, the candy canes.  Box after box after box of candy canes in all their peppermint splendor. 

The shelves were being cleared of all things Halloween before Halloween had a chance to begin! 

Now that is scary.

I didn't think the employee stocking the shelves would be too thrilled with my taking his photo, even surreptiously, as he cleared away all things fun sized.  But trust me, candy canes are good and plenty on this Halloween Eve in my neck of the woods. 

Which made me wonder ... could I really get away with giving out candy canes for Halloween?  I mean, what if I had procrastinated curtailed our sugar consumption waited one more day to purchase our treats?  Had I waited until the witching hour of tomorrow, there might have been a good chance that I would have been handing out candy canes tomorrow night.  (Or tonight, as the case may be.  Apparently some communities are trick or treating tonight.  There was actually a notice in our paper specifying that Halloween would be held in the township on October 31, as if this was a question.  If you ask me, it's kind of sacreligious to have Halloween on any day other than October 31.)

Very Halloweird.

Merry Halloween, everyone!

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Beth F said...

Oh there is nothing I hate more than the pushing of the holidays. I saw Christmas stuff up at the grocery store yesterday. Let Halloween come and go. Then let's give Thanksgiving a chance. Finally we can turn to Christmas.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I hate holiday pushing. I feel so bad for Thanksgiving, just getting shoved in the middle like that. I never do anything Christmas before Thanksgiving, if I can help it, which makes me sort of a Scrooge to some of my friends :)

therocchronicles said...

Happy Halloween! That happened to us one year too - couldn't find candy right before the big day! I was at WalMart this morning bright and early looking for votive candles for the pumpkins--nothing like waiting until the last minute!

It was awesome to meet you in person on Saturday! So glad we got a chance to talk!

Heather said...

I tried to leave it as long as possible to purchase treats as I didn't want to have to re-purchase after eating them a third time. Then i was worried that they would be sold out. I also noticed that the halloween stuff was being pushed out fo the way by the Christmas stuff. What's with this?

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time...Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. Like Kim said, it just gets shoved out from both sides :( I also refuse to put out one single Christmas decoration until after Thanksgiving...I also do not participate in the nervous breakdown inducing shopping that goes on the day after Thanksgiving.

My nerves can't take it ;)