Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Going Gaga for Greyson Chance

"Am I supposed to know who Greyson Chance is?"

This was my Facebook status one Friday evening in August, typed on my Blackberry as I stood in a throng of ladies once, twice, even three times Greyson Chance's tender age of 12. (He has since left the tweens for the teens.)

I had a pretty good spot for what turned out to be a little concert by Greyson himself, appearing live at BlogHer '10 in New York City.

Judging from the hysteria of the paparazzi-like women around me, I was clearly the only person who needed a lifeline from her Facebook peeps to find out who I was watching on stage ... and why grown women were screaming for this kid as if he was a Beatle. (I'd never heard of the previous night's entertainer either, which was Gavin DeGraw.) And even worse than not knowing Greyson or Gavin? Greyson's performance of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" would be the very first time I would hear that song ... and, for that matter, my first Lady Gaga song. 

(You people who wonder how I am able to read and blog so much? This is the trade-off, being the biggest loser about America's greatest talents right in my midst.)

I could only stay for a few songs, as a night at Top of the Rock called, but I came away suitably impressed - not to mention a a little squeamish when Greyson remarked (in this photo here) that he was thrilled to be at BlogHer with more than 2,500 women.

Dude. You're freakin' twelve, for goodness sakes. (Know any Simon and Garfunkel tunes? I'll start one off for ya ... and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo)

Still, I came away thinking that the kid really does have talent - and I enjoyed listening to him. He seems like a nice, regular, down-to-Earth kid who hasn't let the attention of a zillion YouTube hits (OK, only 28 million) go to his head. Yet.  Plus, I am impressed that he counts Elton John and John Lennon among his musical influences - as opposed to, say, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus.

So, fast forward three months later and I'm in the car with my own kids (a mere four years younger than Greyson) and "Waiting Outside the Lines" comes on Radio Disney.

"Oh, wow, that's Greyson Chance!" I exclaimed to Betty and Boo. "Remember when I went to New York, in the summer? I saw him perform."

"You went to his concert?" Boo said.

"Well, sort of, yeah ...."

"You met him?"

"No, I didn't meet him, but I was really close to him at the concert."

(Boo had a hard time comprehending this; from the rear mirror, I could see the literal wheels turning in his Aspergerian mind.)

"But you were in New York with him?"

"I was."

"And you like him?"

"I do. I like this new song of his a lot. I think he's pretty talented."

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh! Mommy's in love with a 12 year old!" hollered Boo, now dancing a jig in our garage and well within earshot of our policeman neighbor's house who, had he been outside, might have found this of interest.

"I am not," I stated firmly, "in love with any twelve year olds."

"But you just said you liiiiiii-iiiiiiike Greyson Chance!"

"I like his music. You can like someone without being in love with them ... and besides, the only boy I'm in love with is you. And Daddy."

"Of course, Daddy," Betty chimed in.

"Well, I'm telling Daddy you went to New York with Greyson Chance."

As it turns out, Daddy had no idea who Boo was talking about either. 

Which is one of the reasons why, after 20 years, I'm still gaga about him.

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Anonymous said...

I know who gaga is, but no idea on those 12 year old boys!

Florinda said...

Being neither a big YouTube watcher or Radio Disney listener, I'm still not entirely sure who he is, but he was definitely a HUGE hit at BlogHer!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

HA! Such silly little crushes we have! He does seem to have a little Bieber thing going on. I must say about these tween stars, they do have confidence. LOTS of it.