Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Lyric of My Own Life

Memorial Hall in Philadelphia, PA

Where the Philadelphia Centennial was held
(and which is featured prominently in Beth Kephart's latest novel,
Dangerous Neighbors)

Where my father once worked on designing the plumbing and pipes.

Where I held several fundraising events in my first professional job.

Where I took this photo in May 2009, and my children to a fun, magical night
at the Storybook Ball,a children's event at the Please Touch Museum,
currently housed in the Hall.

Tonight I'll be spending the evening with three of my favorite people - Beth, Jini, and Pam.

For years I resisted co-mingling the people in my life.  I like family to remain with family, work friends to remain with other work friends, college friends to remain with those at my alma mater, and childhood friends to remain in an era when we were all Valley Girls.

All in their own separate circles, no overlapping, no interconnection.

Still, I'm starting to fancy the small world nature of the coincidence of connection that occasionally brings people from different eras of my life together.  And that's kind of what tonight will be, as we three gather together to hear one of our favorite people. (That would be author Beth Kephart.)

I'll drive for 90 minutes and have dinner in my college town with Jini, who was my supervisor at my PR job when I was a college student and who became a mentor, a sounding board, an inspiration, a friend. 

Then, together we'll go over to the Radnor Memorial Library to celebrate Beth Kephart's induction into the Radnor High School Hall of Fame and hear Beth read from her newest book, Dangerous Neighbors. 

And the woman who is coordinating the event at the library?  Happens to be my former supervisor from my high school job when I was 15, my very first job ever.  I shelved books and worked the circulation desk at our town's local library under the tutelage of Pam, who became a touchstone during my first wobbly semester of college (before I met Jini).

Beth has promised to talk to us tonight about her life, the paths she has taken, and those who inspired the journey. She writes, in her blog post this morning, "Tonight I’m seeking patterns and meaning in the lyric of my own life. I’m questing after answers: Where does our love for stories begin, and how do we love those stories back?"

Event details:
Tuesday, November 16
7:30 p.m.
Radnor Memorial Library
114 West Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA

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Jini Loos said...

Melissa, I no longer believe in six degrees of separation ~ not in this life, not in past lives!
We are all threads in a tapestry that makes this world meaningful, powerful, and yes, beautiful!
We carry the beauty of the energy we've touched and has touched us... into every room we enter.
I am eager to share a the room tonight, with you ~