Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Splash! (Guest Post from Betty, a.k.a. OrcaGirl)

In case you missed the big announcement last week, my girl Betty (also known as OrcaGirl) now has her own blog, Orcas and Stuff.  She writes about "what she is working on" in regards to saving the orcas, as well as other ... well, stuff.  We have an arrangement where she guests posts here (even when she is taking shots at the number of books piled up on her mother's night table).

As you all know Christmas has come and I am head over heals excited. My cat right now or she might do this later is or will be jumping up on the branches of our fake christmas tree and it is going to drive us NUTS. Sometimes she even chews the branches.OMG she's only 2 years old. A cat that age is still getting used to the fact that she has a family that loves her and cares for her. Anyway I did not mean that last sentence in a mean way. But who does'nt love christmas for pete's sake?????? I am just too cute.

So BLOG NEWS. Nothing new going on now. Just lots of talk that my orca Princess Angeline is in my all time favorite movie Free Willy. She is the first killer whale to jump out of the water in the movie. It gets me every time. Check out my blog if you want to and even write some comments if you want to. I want to say thanks to all the people who are reading my blog.

You might be wondering what books I'm reading. Well I can tell you one thing: you can never have too many books to read. If you are wondering where I got that from I got it from looking at my mom's nightdesk and let me tell you, That thing is PILED HIGH with books that you can hardly see the nightdesk. It's like your favorite ice cream dish except there's no flavors, no coldness and it doesn't melt. I guess I am finished now.

Merry Christmas Bloggers and everyone on the planet!! Oh yeah my mom just reminded me I hav not answered the question abot the books I'm reading. I'm actually reading a lot of good books.

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