Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guest Post from Betty (a.k.a. OrcaGirl): J Pod in a Book!

As many of you know, my girl is on a mission to save every orca on the planet and has adopted an orca, Princess Angeline, from The Whale Museum.  She's started a blog about her passion for orcas as well as the books she's reading. 

Here's her latest post, J Pod in a Book (and Other Books I'm Reading) which you can also find on her blog, Orcas and Stuff.  Feel free to leave her a comment here or there and let her know what you think ... she'd love it.  :)  In regard to the Girl Scout cookies, we'll ship them anywhere in the continental US  if you order multiple boxes. 

Today I was reading a book on killer whales and on page 59 it mentioned J pod! The pod that my killer whale Princess Angeline is! It was a miracle! I showed my parents and they thought it was so cool. I just came back from my Girl Scouts troop. We are working on selling cookies somewhere. So if you are interested, you can buy some from me if you want. I think it's so cool to see J pod in a book! I might call my cousin tomorrow or something. I can't believe it! I hope one day I'll be able to see my killer whale in person.

I've been reading a whole lot of super cool books lately. My mom and I went to the library on Saturday and I found this super cool book on dolphins. It shows a picture of a dolphins' face on it. I also got a book on the history of candy. And let me tell you, that book is really sweet! Get it? I also got a book on Secretariat, the greatest racehorse of all time. ( at least that's what I think!) I've only read a little of it though. I'm also reading a book called Ramona Quimby, Age 8. I really like that series. And finally, I'm working on reading a book about the horse Barbaro. He's a cool horse too. Did you know he had an accident during one of his races? I feel super bad for him. Oh well. I'm also reading a lot of other books too. Oh yeah, about the library. my mom and I were looking at the movies there and my mom found a movie i was longing to see: Free Willy 4! I couldn't believe it! I quickly said yes to get it. It was one of the greatest library trips ever. I can't think of anything els to write about now. So I guess thats it!

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