Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Money with a Charm: How to Be Rich (A Story by Boo)

On the "homework table" in our kitchen is a big basket where worksheets from school pile up several feet high are neatly organized until I get around to sorting them.

Found this original short story (or one scripted via a version of an episode of SpongeBob or something, who the hell knows) by Boo today while doing exactly that.  Since tonight's the State of the Union, thought you would enjoy this tale of Clintonomics, set in a restaurant in John Kennedy State.  (Massachusetts, perhaps?)

The cover page, seen below, apparently represents a larger-than-life President Clinton turning on the charm and presenting a big dollar bill (note the ABE in the middle of the currency) to a citizen. 

The Medievil Mayhem was the biggest restraunt in John Kennedy State.  It had lots off food on the menu and it cost $24.55 per visit. But soon the money was the big deal. The owner who invented it 70 years ago was Perry Potter, the nicest man in JFK State.  When he died and gone to heaven the 4 of June 1980, the new manager was Terry Tyler.  He was a man of money. Coins and checks. Soon he got richer and richer until his wallet was full.

On Sat on the 16 of February 1989, a coustomer was abord. "Golly Garrila Skin, only $39.50!" he yelled.  The last thing his rival, The Cookie Come-in! could do was take the money.

The Cookie Come-in didn't care about money. But soon a year later, President Clinton invented the Huge Dollar. "Maybe I'll steal the money, give it to the #1 coustomer and Terry can thank me for taking it."

On Sunday, the rival checked the sign.  "Order is $49.60 per food!  What a ripoff!"

He ordered a steak piled high on a spicy chicken rib and Sammy's Sause.  "That'll be $105.69 please," said George Glenn the cashier.

"I thought it was $20.90," said Bob Blaze.

In fact, all Terry cared about was money, so he was ruining Medevil Mayhem.

By 1992, Terry's money flipped.  President Clinton gathered the senators to give out the HUGE dollar.

"I hadn't had a costomer in years," sobbed Terry Tyler. 

"It's the price on the menu," said George Glenn. 

"Baby's Burger only $152.65. Fine to the Mr. Backtalkpants," said Terry.

3 minutes later, Robin Rival took the huge dollar from Bill Clinton and he said, "My beautiful $1000.1000 bill is gone.  I was may be going to see it again."

"Did somebody say infinatly," said Terry.  He ran to the dollar and caught ... THE COPS!

The cops looked ferious and grrr! 

Clinton yelled, "Arest him for guiltyness!"

In 1994, Clinton spoke to Juddge Johannes James.  "I see that the criminal has to speak a word," said J.J. Robin said.  "For my dutys, I determine Mr. Terry Tyler is guilty for stealing Clinton's HUGE dollar."

"I disagree," said Terry.  "I can give over 200 reasons why I say Robin Rival stole it and Clinton should pay."

The parents yelled.  "GASP!"

Clinton said more bad words.

"Why would I give my huge $10000000 bill to a no-good criminal like him??" yelled Clinton.

(This is apparently the end.) 

copyright 2011, Melissa, The Betty and Boo Chronicles If you are reading this on a blog or website other than The Betty and Boo Chronicles or via a feedreader, this content has been stolen and used without permission.


Bookfool said...

Interesting mind your child has. ;)

Anonymous said...

How creative he is...Gotta love him...Keep posting more of his short stories...I need alight sense of humor tonight

K A B L O O E Y said...

That thing is a magnum opus. It should be set to music. It makes more sense than "I Am the Walrus" and is more compelling than "...Bungalow Bill."