Monday, February 21, 2011

Caribbean Blue

"... and so the world goes round and round
with all you ever knew -
They say the sky high above
is Caribbean blue ..."

"Caribbean Blue" ~ Enya

Kids are home from school today.  (They've been off for six days now, thanks to parent-teacher conferences, inservices, and President's Day.  Don't even get me started on being off for parent-teacher conferences.)

They are driving me - and each other - a bit bonkers. 

I'm getting no work done.

I don't know which is louder: the Wii , the whining for something to eat ten minutes after consuming their lunch, the cries of boredom.

With 3-6" of snow in the forecast, we could be looking at the same thing for tomorrow. 

The phone just rang.  I look at the Caller ID to determine if I'm picking it up.


Caribbean Island?  Caribbean ISLAND???!!  On a day with bickering and whining kids, and more gawdforsaken snow in the forecast, after a tease of 70 degree temperatures that we had on Friday?

That's just downright fucking cruel.  

Alas, not the Caribbean. 
A little closer to home.
Rehoboth Beach, DE ~  July 2008

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Anonymous said...

That is unbelievably fucking cruel, you're right.

I live in northcentral Pennsylvania, and whoever sent me a message like that would die...well, maybe not die, but would be irrevocably maimed. :)

Elizabeth said...

That's unbelievable! But the blue of that sky -- well, I hope it comes to you in some form or another --

wayside wanderer said...

Maybe it was calling to invite you over on a play date? =D
I've been dreaming about beaches, surf, and WARM winds whipping through my hair. Sigh.
Longest. Winter. Ever.

Bookfool said...

And, they probably wanted to sell you something or steal your identity, all whilst turning a golden brown.