Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Cameras

I know this picture isn't all that exciting, but it is to me. I bought myself a new camera this week!  It's the one on the right.  (This was taken with my BlackBerry, which doesn't take the best quality photos either, obviously.) 

My old camera, a whopping 6 megapixel Samsung that is just shy of 5 years old, has been slowing dying a painful death since November.  Actually, it started giving me problems before that - during BlogHer, of all times.  Tweaking some settings helped for awhile and I was able to edit the photos to a respectable quality, but I'll admit, it was painful to go through the holidays with this. 

I was coveting a DSLR, but the reality is that the pricetag for such is nowhere near my budget.  And my photographic know-how isn't up to snuff for such a device either, and the learning curve would likely make me frustrated. So I headed over to Walmart, and of course the Canon I was eyeing was only in blue (I prefer my cameras to be either silver or black.  No colors.)  And then another one wasn't in stock.  Other than the problems of the last couple months, my little Samsung has been a workhorse (I've taken over 67,000 photos with this thing - and that's just what I've saved in my files) so this pretty little thing looked like it might fit the bill. 

I'm pretty happy with it thus far. The kids are loving the video capabilities of this.  (My old camera had this too, but I didn't use it much.)  They want to make a new movie every night, which is fun - but exhausting. 

I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of taking more photos!  

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Bookfool said...

I can't tell what kind of camera you got, but if it's anything like my little point-and-shoot, you'll have fun with it. They upgraded mine (a Sony cybershot, I think --call me airhead) just a short time after I got it but I'm really, really happy with it, so I don't feel any need to buy the higher-pixel version.